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Space, the... zzzzzggrrx

Space is boring. At least, in Spore. It's less boring when you play on easy so that you can actually make progress (300 hp on hard? Seriously?) but then it gets more boring when you buy the weapons that would have let you survive on hard and suddenly can conquer an enemy empire about as fast as you can fly from star to star.

There's also this obsession I have with maximizing my economy. This is really stupid in Spore, because after a certain point you generate spice faster than you can fly around to pick it up, but when I see a system with blue blue blue green purple, I feel compelled to fill out all the planets with T3 colonies...

And I'm leery about flying to the center of the galaxy to 'win' because (a) it sounds like it's going to take a loooong time, and (b) it'll basically put me at war with the Grox (or, alternatively, with *every other species in the galaxy*), and being at war in Spore sucks a LOT. You can't do anything else once you're at war with someone, other than defend your colonies and try to wipe them out. There's no way to make a defensive perimeter, although you can defend individual planets with uber-turrets I guess? I've heard that doesn't work against the Grox hordes once you hit the center though.
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