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I wouldn't call them the *best* laid plans...

Right now, I'm pissed at Spore for crashing while creating a city hall, losing me the ENTIRE CREATURE AND TRIBAL stages because it doesn't fucking autosave. What kind of game doesn't autosave?! Do they think this is still the 80s or something?

But I don't have much to say about that (other than 'fuck you Spore, you suck'), I'm going to try to write about Friday's mutants and masterminds game instead.

GrNG. It automatically uploaded the critter to the sporepedia, but didn't save the game. So now it'll sit there forever and taunt me.

Right. Game.

The Dangers did, in fact, attack the superheroes later the same day. The first warning of an attack was when Pocket Fluff passed out -- the air in the base had suddenly gotten really bad, and when they ran outside, gasping for air... it was still bad.

He didn't stay down long though -- he recovers from unconsciousness ludicrously fast -- and flew up into the air, 1200 feet up in fact, which was far enough to be out of range of the effect.

Then everyone got struck by lightning. Or, mostly, missed by lightning. Then, attacked by shadowy bats that tried to blind them. Then, rushed by more than two dozen gang members.

...it was a slaughter. None of the Dangers even got away, except for a few of the drivers who'd stayed in their trucks. Tenebra and the weather controller did get away -- her by not even being present and him by being invisible and inaudible and flying and not really having to be anywhere near the weather effects he created to ineffectually harass the party.

I think LiquidFist and Morph might have gotten slightly bruised...

They did interrogate the Danger they captured without knocking him out, and found out that the weather controller who'd aided in their attack was Flamboyance, their missing team member -- somehow, he'd decided to throw in with HAZARD! CONTROL thought this was really weird, since he'd been very enthusiastic about joining CONTROL's new team in his application.

"Mind control?"
"That is a possibility."
"Or maybe they paid him off?"
"That is also a possibility. Chrrrkt share that motivation with humans."

The Danger threatened the superheroes that when his dad found out, they'd be in biiiig trouble for beating up him and his friends. They were unimpressed. CONTROL did mention that their plans of using the captured skates (that Dangers all wore them in this attack too) to start a public skate park might be frustrated by a court order to give them all back, if their parents lawyers really did care.

Afterwards, while Pocket Fluff and Fractal went shopping for furniture and stuff, Morph reconstructed the 'hard drive' of the laptop Tenebra had been projecting through and hacked into the e-mail -- it was a Danger's laptop, not hers, but there was still *some* useful information, like that only Flamboyance and Tenebra had been willing to help the Dangers -- Psychohound was busy, and Fang Bane and Serpent Star didn't think they were worth the effort. It was also obvious that there was a deliberate plan of 'distracting' the superheroes involved, coordinated by Tenebra mostly, but she was working at someone else's orders.

Around noon, CONTROL warned them that there was going to be a NETWORK news team coming in to interview them about their first few fights, and that they should try to make it look good. Pocket Fluff did have footage taken automatically by his wrist-cam, which he'd spent some time editing already.

But as the appointed time approached, civilians supporting HAZARD surrounded the base and started setting up a protest -- 'Down with Tyrrany!' 'Out of Control!' 'How Many More Children Must Be Hurt?' etc. And the tenements across the street unfurled huge banners with anti-CONTROL editorial cartoons.

Since dispersing the mob forcefully would have been somewhat counterproductive, the team decided to win them over with diplomacy... and food. They passed out chips and salsa to anyone who was hungry, and had managed to get them mostly neutral by the time the news crew was approaching.

And then the crowd suddenly turned violent, and while none of the superheroes were affected, they could tell that a wide-area mind-control effect had been placed on them! Liquidfist spotted someone skulking on a nearby building, and while everyone ran to hide from the psychially enraged crowd, Pocket Fluff teleported up to confront him, then teleported him into the courtyard when it looked like he was getting away.

In the courtyard, Psychohound tried to mind control and emotion-control the party repeatedly, to no effect. He tried to turn invisible and run away, pretending that he'd teleported out of the snare Morph had him in, but Morph realized that hey, the snare was floating in midair right where he was, and...

Fractal started using illusions of her own to slowly contstruct a 'magical cage' of some sort, and Psychohound panicked and called for an evac. Tenebra opened a portal for him, and Pocket Fluff leapt through... and zapped the first person he saw, which he assumed was Tenebra. That was probably a mistake, since stunning her dismissed the summon that had been concentrating on keeping the portal open, closing the door behind him.

One on two, Pocket Fluff easily defeated Tenebra and Psychohound, because Tenebra had basically no powers face to face (this is why she projected through computers to summon her things, usually) and Psychohound's mental effects were no match for Pocket Fluff's ability to make at *least* half a dozen DC 20 will saves without failing any of them. But the mentalist *had* enraged everyone else in Tenebra's apartment building as ad-hoc reinforcements, so Pocket Fluff grabbed the unconscious Tenebra and teleported to the building's roof to buy time for the slower, long-range teleport he'd need to get home.

HAZARD interceptors (who'd instantly known when he entered their territory, thanks to the jamming effect when CONTROL and HAZARD influence intersected) were waiting for him, but not really prepared to take him down, especially when he had a hostage. He shrugged off the flashbangs and tear gas, and teleported Tenebra back to their base, where Morph changed into Psylocke and put her into a deep sleep to keep her from waking up.

CONTROL informed them that it would take a little longer to arrange for a power-nullifying paddywagon to take her into custody, so Pocket Fluff teleported her directly into CONTROL HQ, setting off a bunch of alarms but proving that, yes, CONTROL *could* have power-nullifiers put into play at a moment's notice when the issue was forced. Tenebra was locked away, and Pocket Fluff was reprimanded for his loose-cannon antics, but not actually punished since he *had* brought in a supervillain.

The interview was off, though -- one of Psychohound's ineffectual mental attacks on the party caught the news crew in its splash, sending them running off in terror, and NETWORK was pissed that the party had 'allowed' hostile superpowers to be used on their news team.

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