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I was going to walk to work today, but I forgot. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow... or maybe not -- it's getting pretty late in the year to walk. Not because it's cold -- that's why god invented coats. Because it's *dark*, and while... um... Edison? invented street lights, it's really not enough to make me feel safe walking home in the dark. Because I've driven home in the dark, and know how much trouble I have spotting pedestrians sometimes.

I replayed the lost time in Spore, and made my little otter-rat thing even cuter... or, well, almost as cute. The unsaved otta variant ended up being one of the tribes I had to fight in the tribal stage. Or, well, dance-fight, since I was going for Zealot. Actually, I was going for knight, but I decided that 'fewer eco-disasters' beat out 'more spice production', so, zealot.

Every star surrounding the Ottarat homeworld has a race in the civilization phase on it. Yay, free T3 planets! >:) Well, free for the cost of a little genocide. It's not my fault, though -- if the gods of Spore would let me colonize inhabited planets, nobody would have to die. As long as they pledged themselves to the worship of Spode.

I also played a little trick or treat on City of Heroes, but I didn't get on a team or anything, and there were no zombipocalyses while I was on. Foo.
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