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Lost in Space

Spore really needs a way to annotate stars. Or at least wormholes. Since, you know, ecodisasters and crap happen back on your homeworld and you need to get back in a hurry and when you're five wormholes deep in the network, hurry isn't about to happen unless you remember which way to jump at each step...

Can you rename planets you own? I could make that work...

I had no network last night. I should have used the time to prepare for the game tonight or write something or whatever, but while I did a little of that, I mostly ended up playing video games. Spore was one of them, of course. It's tedious and frustrating, but it's got that 'can't quit until after I take care of this one last thing' vibe, like civilization etc.

The internet came back on around midnight. I could tell because my virus scanner decided to update itself, stealing focus. I wish it wouldn't do that. The stealing focus, I mean -- updating itself is fine.
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