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From slate:
USA Today leads with FBI statistics that show more than one-third of police officers killed last year were not wearing body armor. While most police officers have access to bullet-resistant vests, some estimate that up to 50 percent choose not to wear them, mostly because they're not exactly comfortable.

..or maybe because they apparently make you twice as likely to get killed?

Yeah yeah they probably put them on when they know they're going to get shot at. Still. q:3

So... Alan Greenspan presides over a long period of prosperity, then leaves and his replacement sees the economy falter and sputter for a while and then tank. Obviously, it's all Greenspan's fault, because he didn't ensure that everything he did would last for all eternity.

One thing to keep in mind -- the economy is a bubble. If a bubble is huge and can't be sustained, it'll eventually pop, so you should be ready for that, but if *all* the bubbles pop, we're fucked. It's been this way since the invention of money. That was a LONG TIME AGO, and we really don't want to go back to the standards of living we enjoyed then.

No matter how cool Mad Max is.

Oh, and one other thing -- have there been any good movies lately? I haven't been paying attention.
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