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I bought some CDs recently (a couple to replace casettes that broke finally, a couple from Rainfurrest, and... er... one other random one) and wanted to import them into itunes. But that's all done on my desktop that I hardly ever use lately -- it's been two months since I so much as turned it on.

iTunes needed an update, Windows XP needed a frickin' *service pack* as well as two dozen random patches, and at the end of it all... iTunes doesn't boot. Seven @#$^& hours upgrading my @#$^& obsolete computer, and I don't actually get to import the @#$^& CDs. I'm uninstalling iTunes now... I guess I'll have to reinstall it and hope that that works since nothing else interfaces with the @#$^& iPod.

God, Apple software sucks. Nothing ever works right -- the reason I decided to install the stupid upgrade was because the apple store couldn't apply iPod patches through the (up to date, at the time) version of iTunes I had without hanging. And my iPod itself crashes *way* too much for a $%^& music player.
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