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Video games

Doom 3: Fun! I got it as part of the 'every game ID ever made' pack that was on sale on Steam for a while; I think it's still FOR sale, but I doubt it's still on sale. Doom 3 runs *really well* on my computer, because it's ancient, but it's not so ancient that it looks like crap. Actually, FPS games in general have always run well even on my previous computer that had even more problems than my current one.

Disgaea DS: I got to the final battle in Etna mode, and so far have gotten by butt kicked twice. Not utterly blown out of the water, but 'I need a better strategy oh fuck it I'll do another Item World run instead'. Basically, as the End Boss he gets a shitload of hit points and some really good equipment to let him one-shot most of my guys. I need to keep him from one-shotting more than one of them at a time. In the original Disgaea, I did this by having a Nekomata attack last using a super-kick power to catapult him out of my formation each time. No nekomata in Etna mode. I think I might have to resort to sacrificial lifting.

COH: Issue 13's a buggy pile of crap, according to the beta boards. This is why I don't play betas usually. The actual changes sound really nice except for some (not all) of the PPP changes. One of them is a big kick in the face for one of my level 50s, though -- it removes her pet, which she loves, for a power she doesn't want and will never use. I never play my level 50s anyway, though. Even more than I never play CoH anymore.

Warhammer: Gunbad Mountain was... not a total fiasco, although it started that way thanks to some frustrations relating to lag and scenarios and server disconnects and grenade turrets. Eventually we tagged along with a guild warband and did a few of the PQs -- basically, we tried two of the three paths, and on each one we beat the first PQ and then wiped against the second PQ. Despite having the lowest contribution of anyone, I got treasure both times, though. I doubt we'll be going back -- it's kind of neat, but a bit too difficult considering we had a *warband* going up against what should have been a fair fight for a single group, and having enemies respawn behind you, making you start all over after a team wipe, is really sucky.
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