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Plot number 9: Omnipotent Aliens Kidnap Heroes for Arena Battle

That is, we had a session of Mutants and Masterminds Friday.

That night, after the not-a-party, the heroes went to sleep and dreamed of skating down a cliff that extended itself infinitely before them... until they met various dreamlike fates (caught by unattractive suitors, hit by an asteroid, strangled by Batman, etc.) and woke up. In the morning they compared notes -- yes, they'd all had the same dream. And huh, the field of vertigo Psychohound had told them he'd work on making permanent (since normally that sort of thing only worked while he was sustaining it) seemed to be permanent. Altough, when some kids showed up after school, it looked like he'd made it permanent for individual people. By, you know, invading their dreams.

Then they were all kidnapped and put in a prison cell in a strangely deserted, featureless cell block with bars made out of plastic of some sort. Their super-powered senses and movement abilities were shut off, but they still had super strength, so LiquidFist was able to snap off some bars as improvised weapons, and they moved out to explore the building.

...which was pretty featureless and empty, and seemed to be set up as concentric ring hallways connected by short, staggered connecting corridors. Liquid Fist was the first to explore, and ran almost immediately into a spherical eye-bot, which started yelling, "WARNING, WARNING!" and summoning friends, including Mister Mirror-Bot (that made its friends immune to attacks of the first type used each round, annoying when it was set to 'physical' since multiple people used physical attacks), Mister Nullifier Bot (which tried to nullify power use of any sort, but mostly failed because it needed to hit and couldn't) and Mister Gun Turret Bot (which also couldn't hit the broad side of a party of superheroes). The heroes didn't know who to shoot first!

But eventually, the eyebot went down, and then it was a matter of time. Once the turret also went down it was *really* only a matter of time since the remaining robots couldn't actually hurt anyone. Fractal turned invisible to scout ahead and avoid any further bot encounters, and found an arena in the center of the building, with a closed-off observation deck obviously accessed from an upper floor. No, there were no stairways that they'd seen, exploring.

Obviously, someone wanted them to fight in the arena. They weren't having any part of that! They explored further, and found another cell other than their own that had had occupants, who'd melted their way out rather than breaking the bars. Other than that... yeah, they were still trapped. The walls weren't as easy to break as the bars, and was it really safe anyway?

LiquidFist: "So, I guess we have to go fight int he arena?"
PocketFluff: "Yeah..."

*bamf*, they were all teleported into the arena, where their nemesisises were waiting for them, and had been for a long time, apparently, since they were lounging around playing cards.

The aliens hidden in the observation booth then shut all the doors into the arena, and declared that the two teams would fight, and whoever lost the fight would lose all their powers, FOREVER! That last condition apparently surprised the villains, who'd only been told that the winners would go free.

But pocketfluff started buffing his team, and Fang Bane decided he was going to kill something, goddammit (he wasn't the brightest werewolf in the world) and charged, and then it was ON. Flamboyance and Psychohound were as ineffective as ever, unable to hit the heroes with any of their attacks as they hung back and acted as mental and weather-based artillery. And without their super speed, Fang Bane and Serpent Star (who'd been waiting around as a naked black man, but changed into his fighting 'giant snake' form as Fang Bane charged) couldn't actually get all the way across the arena quickly, giving the heroes the first strike against them.

They also couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, which didn't help.

Serpent Star tried to provide cover to the back rank with his giant, fiery, incorporeal body, and Fang Bane tried to bite Liquid Fist's extended limbs, but they really didn't accomplish anything before Fang Bane was taken down like a chump (because he was really kind of lame, or kind of really lame maybe). Fractal and Morph started blinding all the enemies, which made Serpent Star even less effective (before being blinded he'd at least *touched* Morph) and made psychohound go invisible to wait for it to wear off.

Flamboyance took advantage of the lack of movement powers to toss the heroes around a bit with wind (his one attack that he could basically always hit with) but since they had so much ranged firepower that didn't seem to do much... until he stopped, Pocket Fluff finally got to the middle off the area, and BOOM, filled it with unhealing radiation, which his teammates shrugged off (because did I mention they always, always make their saving throws against everything somehow?) but knocked Flamboyance out of his invisibility. So Flam was the next to go down.

Then, Morph as Psylocke managed to mind-control Serpent Star into changing back into human form, which was basically the end for him. At that point, the still invisible psychohound tried to diplomacy the party into joining forces against the 'real foe', but the heroes took advantage of him giving his position away by talking to pummel him unconscious too.

True to their word, the aliens (LiquidFist stretched his head up to look through the semi-opaque window, and saw that they were a pack of Illians, no big surprise) teleported the party back down, and took away all the villains' powers.

This lead to several consequences:
(1) The party had two days free to do whatever they wanted without interference. They played a lot of videogames.
(2) The vertigo field in the skate park went away, since it was a manifestation of Psychohound's power. The apartment block across the street went back to being yellow, since Psychohound had dream-walked and brainwashed the residents to make it go HAZARD. PocketFluff felt really stupid for not guessing that that was what was up with that.
(3) Flamboyance quit HAZARD, claiming that he'd been mind-controlled into joining them, and tried to join CONTROL instead on the condition that CONTROL restore his powers. CONTROL didn't have the budget for that. So instead, he sued CONTROL, and HAZARD, and the Illian embassy, and NETWORK, for leading him down the path of doom.

After two days, the Illian embassy officially apologized for the rogue abductors, and agreed to pay to restore everyone's powers. Flamboyance didn't drop the lawsuit against them. He did drop the one against CONTROL in return for being allowed to join the team, as scheduled. Morph met him as Psylock, and read his mind to see if they could really trust him... and well, no not really. He'd been mind controlled to join HAZARD, but not the whole time he'd been working for HAZARD, and didn't really care who he worked for as long as he got attention. But they let him join the team anyway.

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