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Killing Time

I'm either hungry, or sick to my stomach, but I can't tell which. This happens a lot.

The online World Tree game that was going to happen today that I couldn't make was cancelled anyway because the person running the servers decided to move them. Yay! Of course, they might have decided to move the computers after I mentioned I'd be gone. n.n

Also, it's comic book day again. I try to make it to the shop every two weeks, if I can. Sometimes I have to go more often, since the more obscure comics have to be special-ordered two months in advance, and the window to get the order form and turn it in is small. The shop's in Burien, so I'll stop on the way to the last Dragonstar module.

I'm in the mood to see a movie, but the only one out that I'd care to see is Spirited Away, and it's only showing in two theaters in Seattle. As a rule, I don't go to Seattle without a really good reason, and seeing a movie isn't good enough. Seattle's scary. O.O
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