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New module, new party...

Sunday we played some D+D, starting module #2, Thunderspire Mountain.

After sealing the shadowfell, the party returned home to rest, spend money, and for some of them, give up adventuring entirely. The new group still had Shanarea (for now) and Sam and Bore and maybe Vexx (although he may have discovered that he was a genasi instead of a tiefling) but Alaric the warlock was replaced with Morgan the swordmage. A swordmage is sort of like a fighter that uses INT to attack for some reason, and has gimmicky spells that use a sword as an implement, and mostly work in melee or teleport enemies around.

They were forming a new party to track down the Bloodreaver slaver tribe that they'd discovered in a letter sent to Calarel (the big boss of the keep on the shadowfell). But as they were travelling towards the underground trading post where the bloodreavers had been sighted, they were ambushed by a green dragon!

The dragon spewed out several clouds of poisonous gas from the relative safety of midair (relative because of Sam and Shanarea, who could hit it just fine there) before Morgan used a power that teleported it down next to him so that he could attack it. He missed the attack, but the teleportation had no save, and once it was on the ground, Bore hit it solidly twice with his two biggest attacks... but more importantly, Vexx hit it with Lead the Attack which gave everyone else +5 to hit it for the rest of the fight.

It was basically doomed at that point, although it got a huge number of claw and tail and additional breath attacks, and it did have an opportunity to run away while everyone was stunned a little later. But it waited one round too long, and they managed to finish it off and loot its horde, which was pretty sad -- it had been a very young dragon.

Inside the cave, while they were taking the well lit, well-marked path to the Hall of Seven Pillars, they heard some hobgoblins off to the side bragging about how much they'd get for a halfling. Shanarea offered to buy the halfling from them, but they made the mistake of trying to take her prisoner as well. "More merchandise!"

The hobgoblins were as annoying as ever, forming multiple defensive lines to keep the party from getting to their leader and maximize their phalanx bonus, but they weren't the buggy hobgoblins from the keep on the shadowfell that did double normal damage, so it was really only the mage who was a threat. The mage did manage to daze Bore when the dwarf ran in to mark everyone with his aoe, but Morgan used a spell to yank Bore to the back lines and take his place, and then the enemies surrounding the swordmage couldn't hit him because they were all forced to take penalties for not attacking the dwarf.

The halfling offered to thank them for rescuing them by letting them stay at his inn in the Hall of Seven Pillars for free. He also told them where the Bloodreavers base was -- the 'hall of eyes' buried deep in the labyrinth. Apparently, finding your way around through miles of twisty little passages all alike was only really possible if you had directions.

The drow running the magic shop gave them another location to check out -- he wanted his skull staff back from the duergar. Helping a drow? Not a big draw. Potentially getting to beat up some nasty dark dwarfs? Now you're talking.

But the bood reavers were the first priority. The party snuck into the Hall of Eyes and took what they thought would be the least travelled passage, since it involved climbing up onto a balcony and using the door there. They did manage to catch a bugbear sleeping, but some of his goblin cohorts ran off screaming to alert the rest of the base while their friends were left to die to slow the party down.

The party breifly argued about whether to retreat to try to catch their breath or press on right away. And that's where we stopped for the day, because Ed had to leave.

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