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So... bored...

I wanted to leave work a little early today to get started with I13 in COH. But no... the sync I kicked off TWO HOURS AGO is still going on.

Normally, a sync takes about 5 minutes. A really really long one, maybe an hour. Yeah, I haven't sync'd for about a month, since I've been working on a branch, but this is still fucking ridiculous. Especially since I'm only up to 'p'.

I think I'm going to go home and let it run overnight.

This bodes ill for the integration from main into my branch that I need to do tomorrow. Very, very ill. Especially since I really needed to do it today and let the subsequent build run overnight. I'm not staying until midnight running source depot commands, though. Fuck that.

Also, 'bubble bobble evolution' sucks so much ass it had to import ass from the next county over because it exhausted the local supply. Good portable games are ways to spend a couple minutes when you're waiting for something. Bad portable games take 5 minutes to boot, 2 minutes to load a level, and only let you save between levels... but when you load the save file, put you on the previous level right next to the elevator, making you immediately load ANOTHER level before you can do any playing.

Also, the game itself is not fun.
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