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Popular Culture Update

CUBE: This is a puzzle game for the PSP. It's reasonably competently made and the load times aren't egregious. I can't really play it for long without getting bored, though -- I'm not really so much of a puzzle game person.

Yellow Eyes: Oh John Ringo... well, okay, it's no ghost. It does have an amazingly bizarre anti-globalization rant in the back, though, where the UN's incompetence is transmuted into a sinister plot to destroy America. Amazingly, the story itself subverts his message (war crimes should be legal) by having the one Posleen that they *don't* indiscriminately slaughter while trying to surrender end up in the epilogue as a productive member of society, helping humanity explore ways to fix the posleen's screwed-up biology.

It also has the first known instance of an explicit cruiser/human sexual relationship NOT using an avatar of some sort.

Slayers TRY: I've been sporadically rewatching this, and it's not as good as I remember, although it's decent. I just watched the episode where the heroes are on a giant runaway train that's going to destroy several cities on its path to the temple of the fire dragon, and then destroy the temple itself! The resulotion is that the heroes blow up the train, but fail to stop it from destroying the cities or the temple. The next episode was about them having to rebuild the temple, though, which was amusing. >:)

CoH vs WAR: After a couple hours playing CoH with friends, and they log off, I usually feel like logging on to a different CoH character and playing a little more. After a couple hours playing WAR with friends, and they log off, I usually feel like logging on to a CoH character and playing a little more. Which game I like better is not a mystery!

CoH introduced Shield Scrappers/Brutes/Tanks and Pain Domination, which is like a villainous version of empathy. They really aren't very different mechanically (at the levels I've gotten up to so far) but they're pretty. The shields especially -- LOTS of customization. I've got a broadsword/shield scrapper ('Violenteer') and an electric/shield brute ('Ferret Shock', a name I'd used before) and... well, so far they play like any scrapper or brute in the world. I also made a zombie/pain mastermind ('T'Kiilii') and /pain has 'enough healing' just like empathy or thermal. Except that you soon run out of endurance. And zombies are just as boring to watch fight as thugs or robots.

WAR opened the Knights of the Blazing Sun and the Blackguard to the general population, and... grr, the Blackguards use spears! I love spears. But we decided to make knew knights instead, which are 'tanks' that are really bards, like the Chosen. It's surprising how poorly a team of 12 bard-like tanks does in PvP against mixed opposition -- even stacked six times, the 'commands' are weak as hell. The PQ with a dozen tanks going at it worked a lot better, though.
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