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So, like rowyn implied, she was over to visit last weekend. It started fairly inauspiciously, with her flight being delayed two hours, but the time-zone differences confusing me about whether it had *actually* left on time or not like the web page said it might. It left around 7:30 pacific, which was 9:30 central, and I assumed that the times given on the webpage were adjusted to my time zone and they weren't.

So I spent a couple hours waiting at the airport. After realizing that I didn't really like any of my PSP games, I bought a magazine from the airport newsstand to help pass the time, and it was pretty excruciating but probably better than just waiting and not doing anything. I would have left and come back, but I still thought that it had left on time and that their arrival time was just not updated to reflect reality.


Once it *did* finally get in, I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to recognize her, and indeed there were many false positives where I thought 'Is that her? Maybe?' But no, once she actually came into view, I could recognize her just fine.

In other words, I'm kind of a basket case.

But it was really good to see her again, even if it was too late, once we got home, to do much except fall into bed and eventually go to sleep. "Oh, so you *don't* want me to keep talking and keep you up all night, then?"

Saturday was a nice lazy day, though -- we didn't have anything planned, except maybe to see my sister for dinner, which didn't pan out. We bummed around the house for most of the day, except for a trip out for Indian food at the buffet in Redmond Town Center where I always gorge myself. This time was no exception! I tried to take a smaller portion, but at the very end noticed two dishes I hadn't tried and needed just a tiny sample of... so yeah, it was plate piled high and dripping time again. v.v

Later that night (like... 6pm? Which is a couple hours after dark this time of year) we decided to go out and do something. Even though I *know* there are video arcades and laser tag around the area, we couldn't find any addresses, so we went to the big mall complex to go bowling. Only it had a two hour wait, so we wandered around the mall instead and bought chocolate and had coffee. The thrill!

So to make up for it (actually, no, it was something planned in advance) we spent all day Sunday playing board games. In the morning, Tikal (this might have been Saturday actually, my memory for the sequence of events is spotty), then over to Tom's place around noon for Carcasonne and another game of Tikal (although that was aborted as Tom revealed he couldn't actually spend all day playing games), then dinner at Cuchina Cuchina, then to Jurann's for a game of Starfarers of Catan (which really needs more variety in its encounters!) and then an ill-advised game of Agricola. It wasn't really early enough to start a game of Agricola, but we did anyway, and didn't finish until 2am. >.<

Which meant that we barely had time to get her back to the airport Monday for a 1pm flight. Well, if we wanted to leave a decent amount of time for the drive, which turned out not to be necessary -- I really suck at predicting traffic.

...and then, after she left, I got horribly ill from what feels like food poisoning but is just as likely to be a cold of some sort (as noted in the previous entry). Not the flu since I'm not coughing. And actually, I think I'm getting better now.
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