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Freakish Misery

Well, I'm not actually in pain, or feeling nauseous, or feverish. Those symptoms all went away after a day or so.

Now I'm just inflated with a random mixture of gas, liquids, and solids, and occasionally having to run to the bathroom for an emergency venting of one or more of those. It's uncomfortable, but not painful.

This did mean that I had to drive to the grocery store to get food because I didn't trust myself not to get *certain urges* while walking there. There was a lot of snow. A LOT of snow. It would have been a moderate amount of snow even in the midwest, which means it's a truly silly amount to have here. *Inches*!

But I don't actually suck at driving on snow THAT much, and it was the middle of the day so the people who were going to drive stupidly had already crashed into ditches on the way to work, so the roads were mostly deserted. There was a scary part where I had to accelerate from a stop up a pretty steep hill -- I couldn't get traction, but spinning the wheels really fast in pulses gave just enough forward momentum to propel me up the hill at about 5 mph while the speedometer read 40.

I would really like my intestines to stop hating me though, kthx.
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