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Ice Weasels

Oh look, it's snowing again!

Yesterday, the roads were actually good enough to drive on. Actually, they probably were Monday too, but I was being... penitent? Or possibly scared that I wouldn't be able to get out of my parking space, which is kind of silly because if I *had* gotten stuck in my own parking space at my apartment I wouldn't have been any worse off.

But Tuesday the roads were better than they'd been since before the snow -- it was above freezing and the snow was actually melting a little (just a little) but that meant that all the cars driving on the main roads cleared them of snow and ice completely and they were just a little wet. Plus, it looked like someone plowed all the major streets finally.

So I decided to go out and get a new desktop, which I'd been planning to do over my 'staycation' (as Alex put it) because it's always a pain and it'd be nice to have time to deal with it. Instead, I somehow found myself going to the company store.

Parking: horrible
Lines: there was a line to get *into* the store, let alone to actually buy anything
Prices: Well, the prices on software is good, but the xbox itself was priced, um, about $50 higher than buying the xbox arcade and a hard drive separately.

So of course I bought one anyway. I'm not really sure why. I think it might have had something to do with there being a humongous line and guessing that I wouldn't want to go anywhere else afterwards, and *definately* not wanting to buy the hard drive and games at the company store and then go somewhere else and buy the system to use them with. I mean, that's just backwards. And $50 cheaper. Shush! It's backwards!

The line was actually pretty fast, though -- they had eight tellers working. It wound around and around the store in a somewhat comical fashion, but it wasn't more than ten minutes or so.

Afterwards, I decided to go to Safeway and get some healthy food. But there was no parking near Safeway, and I ended up parking in front of Papa Murphy's, so I got a pizza instead. A healthy pizza! With vegetables on it! While I was leaving my parking space, a giant truck behind me decided to drive over the snow-covered divider instead of backing up. It lunged forwards, and rolled back... and lunged forwards, and rolled back... did I mention it was lunging forwards DIRECTLY AT ME while I was trapped in the space? It turned out that the driver knew what he was doing and didn't smash into me -- I think the rear view mirror makes things look closer than they really are.

Anyway, there was no real problem setting up the xbox -- I switched my laptop to use wireless (which seems to be more reliable than the wired connection so far) and used the extra-long wire for the xbox. It still isn't long enough to reach the spot where I normally place consoles, but it's long enough to reach the other side of the desk with the TV on it, which works. And the TV had an open 'YPbPr' (aka component video' input, so I didn't need to dislodge anything.

I kind of remembered the TV being a crappy, low-resolution HDTV when I bought it, but it supports 1080p, which is the highest res the 360 supports... eiter there's another tier of HD beyond that, or the salesman was trying to upsell me, or it's not really supporting it and just dithering or something. It does finally look like it's being used to output high definition, though -- the HDMI input from the cable box looks the same as the composite inputs from the old consoles or the VCR.

Games played so far on the 360:
Braid -- this is a puzzle game. A really ugly puzzle game. The time-reverse mechanic is kind of clever, but also incredibly annoying.

Halo 3 -- much less frustrating in 'normal' mode instead of 'heroic'. No, this is not city of heroes, 'heroic' is not the easiest difficulty. Also, it's kind of cool to see humanity in general kicking ass instead of just your main character. 'Tank beats ghost' 'tank beats hunter' 'tank beats everything!'

Force Unleashed Demo -- Yeah... I think I don't want to play force unleashed.
Sonic Unleashed Demo -- Yeah... I think I don't want to play sonic unleashed.

Hexic -- nice music, but everything else about this game sucks ass. It's a puzzle game, sort of like a dumbed down 'bejeweled' where making matches is a lot easier, but you die randomly when one of the 'bombs' gets randomly dropped into a location where you can't clear it.

Overall I'm kind of blah about everything, though, and the 360 didn't fix that. I don't think getting a desktop would have either, though. CoH is kind of blah, WAR is kind of blah (because PvP still seems like a big incoherent mass of sameness, and the PvE gameplay is... um... 'extremely familiar'?), Fallout 3 is kind of... crashy (maybe I should get the 360 version?), Halo 3 is... addictive, but not satisfying.

And I can't seem to write anything, or have fun RPing with people, or... blah. Eating is fun, but neccessarily limited in scope. Same with walking around in the snow, I guess.

And it's snowing again. So I'd better go walking in search of food. I've got enough laid up to last me through Christmas, but I'd really like something better than unflavored cream of wheat.
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