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I always knew it!

Dishwashers are evil!

I decided to test out the dishwasher in my apartment that I'd never used but I was assured was lurking somewhere, since my sister got me a bunch of dishes for christmas and I needed to know if I'd have to wash them by hand.

Yes, it was lurking. It even had some dry soap-like substance encrusted in one of the compartments -- apparently dishwashers use dry soap like washing machines?

So I put the four dirty dishes I had inside, and ran a 'short wash' cycle.

(a) Scary loud noises -- something was happening!
(b) Dishes did not get clean. Large, loose bits of food were still present. They'd obviously been sprayed with water, I guess.
(c) Several hours later, the apartment manager came by asking me why I hadn't reported the leak in my apartment that was dripping into the apartment below.

"I tried running the dishwasher for the first time ever, I guess it leaks?", "Yes, it's turned off. It's been turned off for hours now." "Ah, here's a little wet spot on the rug next to it, but it looks like most of the water went straight through the floor and into the other guy's apartment."


Ugh. x.x Everyone involved seemed relieved that it was a one-time thing to wait out and not an ongoing leak that they'd have to actually fix, though.

So, um yeah. I don't have a usable dishwasher.
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