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Some demos mostly...

Schizoid: You'd have to be crazy to (be able to) play this game

Eetz: Wow, lemmings -fun. Lemmings would be a much better game if you only had one lemming and had to start the level over if it died, right?

Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts: I guess this could theoretically be fun, but I was frustrated and bored before I finished the demo. Think Spyro the Dragon 2 with nothing but the annoying minigames.

On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness: PACING. The narrator talks so.... slow... and then the battles somehow manage to make a turn-based RPG into a twitch-fest. Sort of like the really old Final Fantasies with the active turn system -- you know, the ones I hate? Only they don't automatically select the character whose turn it is, you have to scroll around with the bumper buttons to select them. So it's even more annoying.

Rez: Still a really good rail shooter.

Too Human: Too Short! Seriously, it took me 12 hours to get the Champion through the story (with another 9 hours spent on other characters that turned out to suck... er, I mean, that turned out to be for Advanced Players Only), and it felt like the first half of a story. Maybe the first third. Seriously, it was Act I in a narrative as well as a duration sense. Which sucks because the game has decent writing and visual design and pretty damn awesome gameplay (even with the characters that die a lot).

Lost Odyssey: Playing this now. I like it. Good turn-based RPG with the occasional long, somewhat boring but heart-wrenching artsy story interludes. It has four disks, so hopefully it'll be a bit longer than Too Human was.
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