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Yesterday I finally managed to eat the last of the smoked turkey some well-meaning relative sent me for the holidays. It took almost a week, and mounds of support in the form of vegetables, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pop, and (near the end), hot pockets.

Right now, I don't want to ever eat anything with chicken or turkey in it again. This makes my meal options pretty skimpy, since almost everything has chicken nowadays.

I had some eggnog and fancy crackers + fancy cheese for new year's, and the high-fat (well, the eggnog wasn't actually that high in fat -- no worse than, say, ice cream) food seemed to trigger the same 'I've had too much of this' sensation that all the turkey was giving. So... low fat with no poultry.

Oh, and light on vegatables would be a good thing too -- I had a LOT of vegetables after I got sick of the traditional sides.

I think I'm down to 'toast'. Or maybe 'cream of wheat', since I've got some of that left.
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