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Back to work


It took my work computer 15 minutes to boot this morning after turning it on for the first time in weeks, then it installed updates and automatically rebooted, taking about a half hour to come back after that. This is why I only ever reboot my work machine when I'm forced to by IT. Which is why IT forces you to reboot after critical updates. >:)

Then the internet was mostly down all morning. Sadly, this is typical -- the internet connection from work is the worst thing EVER. It's fast when it works, but 6 hour outages are the norm. As in, trying to visit some websites before 4pm or so will usually result in about a 33% failure rate. Today it was more like 80%.

And of course among the thousands of e-mail messages that came in while I was out was a recurring notice that I should fix this one bug as soon as possible... which apparently started being sent about a week after I went on break. Heh.

Luckily, the bug actually wasn't worth getting a SOON marker. Testers are occasionally on crack. Also, it was easy to fix, so I can check in a fix tomorrow (I'm not checking in from a 3-week stale build) and not have to convince them of that.
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