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4th edition seems to be failing...

We didn't play D+D Sunday. Eric decided he 'didn't feel like GMing that day' so we did board games instead -- specifically, Puerto Rico, which I lost like I always do. It *really* isn't the same.

I think someone else needs to GM that game, and maybe we don't want to use 4th edition, because that makes half the group not really having fun. It has a lot of things I like, but the whole 'powers' thing -- you know, the central feature that they redifined most class features in terms of -- leaves me cold.

I really hate daily powers. I really really hate magic item daily powers, where not only can you only do X once per day, but you might not be able to do it at all depending on whether or not you did something totally unrelated during the same or the previous fight. "Oh right, I can't activate my armor's spell-storing ability, because I used my brooch of lameness to try to give a team member an extra saving throw in the last fight."

I'd give up all my fighter's daily powers forever to get the same number of encounter powers from the encounter power list. Yeah, the daily powers are better, but the '1/day' crap means I never use them.

And magic items need to be fixed, somehow. The magic items in 4th edition suck. There is no redeeming factor to them whatsoever -- they aren't cool, they aren't fun, they're not even easy to use. They're pieces of crap that complicate the game and frustrate you at the point where they should be making you feel good about your equipment. Our GM can't give out magic items as an incentive because no one wants them! The whole magic item scheme needs to be thrown out and replaced.
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