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Oopsie! Belated Wandering Monsters

We did play 4e D+D about two and a half weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it.

Summary: The system is broken for late night encounters, and fighting gelatinous cubes is pretty stupid now.

So, the party somehow found out or knew that the name they'd found at the slaver's place pointed to the duergar citadel that, just by conincidence, they already needed to find, so they headed out immediately. There was some thought to getting paid for their actual mission and maybe resupplying, but no one really wanted to bother because the mundane items were useless and the magic items were stupid. Also, the prince wasn't really paying them much.

It was a three-day journey to the duergar fortress, so at one point they needed to sleep. In the middle of the night, the folks on watch discovered a huge pack of hyenas was about to attack them.

GM: "So Bore, are you sleeping in your armor?"
Me: "Um... I guess... maybe not, I don't know. There's nothing in the rules that says you can't."
Tom: "In *plate mail*?"

So, cue massive argument, which came down to:
(1) The general consensus among everyone in the party not wearing heavy armor was that people shouldn't, realistically, sleep in heavy armor, but it was just fine to sleep in light armor. The unanimous opinion of the one person wearing heavy armor was as a dwarf trained in the Endurance skill it should be possible. The GM was on the fence.
(2) The rules were very clear that it was completely impossible to put armor on in any reasonable amount of time.
(3) Nowhere in the rules was there *anything* about whether or not you could sleep in armor.
(4) The system's math didn't work even the slightest little bit if you didn't get to wear your armor during a battle.
(5) There were sort of ways of doing this -- basically, keeping a backup set of light armor to sleep in -- but they didn't really work because the non-light-armor-wearing folks didn't have the dex or int to use light armor effectively. Also, it would have had to have been arranged ahead of time, and not sprung by surprise in the middle of the night with a pack of hyenas.

We didn't really resolve the argument. The GM agreed I could use my armor for that one fight, and I agreed not to use my armor for that fight, and played like I didn't have armor, which meant hanging back and using my new magic throwing hammer. This was surprisingly effective, since it still marked enemies who often had no way of reaching Bore. Still, HUGE GLARING HOLE.

Later on, the party ran into a gelatinous cube flanked for no apparent reason by a pack of wraiths. The wraiths 'weakened' the party and were annoying to kill, because they took half damage from being incorporeal in addition to half damage from having weakened you (if they hit). The Cube was held back for a while by the spellsword repeatedly getting eaten and then escaping to block its path, but once the wraiths were dead, everyone just let the cube eat them since being eaten by the cube just meant you took a little damage every round -- it didn't actually impair your ability to fight (you were 'dazed', which meant you only got one action a round, but you were also swallowed by a cube and not going to move anyway).

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The Tom announced he had to go home early, so we had to stop.
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