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Abject Failure

We played some shadake tonight... and actually, we didn't fail at *everything*. We discovered dangerous technology to hand over to scientists of dubious morality, brainwashed a bunch of children to go fight and get shot, and helped start a war. We just failed the rescue mission.

After hearing Nico's report, the party advanced on the wreck to search it for valuables. Before they got there, they found a bunch of ratlings trapped by animated trees. The ratlings didn't seem very cooperative, so they decided to let them stay trapped while the examined the wreck. The wreck was partly inside the animated-tree line, but the trees mostly left them alone (except when Cane pulled out an axe -- they didn't like that, and snatched the axe out of his hand).

They first searched the captain's cabin, where they found most of the valuables stolen, but there was an incomprehensible map, a three-pound compass needle, and the captain himself, who they decided to interrogate with 'speak with dead'. Unfortunately, while the captain's spirit did talk instead of shrieking soullessly, he resisted the part of the spell that would have bound him to answer their questions, so they didn't get much out of him, other than that he worked for Ree, the goddess of fertility.

Searching the rest of the ship, they found an odd machine (that they decided to send back for Itsaboy's mechanics to examine), 700 psychoactive mushrooms being grown in a hidden compartment (testing them on the ratlings revealed that they were basically made out of crack), and that one of the ship's magical 'rocket fins' was still intact. A very important find! It could revolutionize the moon's trade, if they could duplicate that magic, since they'd been using extremely slow dirigibles to get everywhere. Unfortuantely, it was 400 feet long -- not an easy thing to transport.

They also found one of Seargent... um... not Brillo. First? Sgt. First's gloves. And that the animated trees were the result of a spell he'd triggered. Talking to the ratlings about it... well, didn't really reveal much, other than that they'd already been there trapped when the ship came down. The best guess was that he'd been captured.

So when night fell, instead of getting real sleep, they tried to -- ACK! DREAM RATLINGS!

Takara and Kyngeah managed to evade the dream ratlings, and watch Sgt. First brutally mind-rape the soldiers in the dreamworld, since they had no idea how to control their dreams. Unfortunately, they'd most likely recover unharmed in the morning (like Cane always had), so he would really appreciate a rescue, if it wasn't too much to ask.

Eventually all of them met with their superiors in the dreamtime board room, where they discussed the seargeant, the army of invaders who'd captured him who were marching on Crisium's territory, and the 'etheric vane' they'd found intact. They talked it over, and decided to send an airship to reinforce Itsaboy (but not to airlift the vane out, since that would make it obvious they had it and beg for someone to intercept them and steal it) while the party moved to try to rescue Sgt. First from the bunnies and squid. But first, they'd go to Crisium's territory in the dreamtime, and try to trick her into attacking the invaders -- just in case they were going to try to make a deal with her instead, since she was the most militarily adept of the nightmares.

Cane (as the one with any social skills) talked to Crisium -- telling her that they'd come to warn her about the invaders, because they didn't want to see innocents get hurt, even if they were innocents belonging to an enemy. She obviously suspected something, and told them that she'd send a small detachment to investigate them. Which sounded like their attempt might have been counterproductive.

Fortunately, the bunnies were not, in fact, on their way to make a deal with her, and when the airship she sent arrived, they blew it up with a rocket. This forced the party to quickly change their plan -- their original plan had been to ride a floating shield over the troops and drop bombs on them as a distraction, while the shield protected them from bullets. The shield wouldn't protect them from a rocket! So instead, they put their 'crack-bombs' on the shield, and sent it over unmanned -- and sure enough, boom, rocket.

Unfortunately, the crack-dust didn't take out very many of the soldiers, and the ratlings that Kyngeah had converted to the worship of Abraxis were even less effective. Not even Crisium's surviving soldiers were any use. And worst of all, their response to the various attacks was to keep a closer watch on Sgt. First! They weren't distracted at all!

The party managed to run away, at least -- they'd never really personally engaged the enemy, so they weren't specifically targetted. But to put the cap on a perfectly awful day, Itsaboy's underlings had apparently decided to go ahead with the second resurrection attempt anyway, despite the party not being in the shielded room they were supposed to be in to keep it fromm targetting them, and sure enough it targetted them again, trying to tear them up into little pieces to reassemble in the resurrection chamber. Luckily, they were all able to resist the spell, although Cane and Nico had to mana-burn themselves in the process. This was much worse for Nico (the mage) than for Cane, of course.

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