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Holy Crap!

Or maybe, unholy un-crap?

I've been feeling really bloated lately, sometimes to the point where it was causing scary things like nausea and dizziness or numbness in my fingers. After the numbness, I went to see my doctor, and he said it was probably a gall bladder problem, but he'd need to do an ultrasound to see if it was something that needed critical intervention or if I could just not eat fat for a while and it would get better.

Apparently, gall bladder hates me -> fat doesn't get digested -> bloating -> problems breathing -> hyperventilation -> numbness. That's his theory anyway.

So I called the ultrasound place to make an appointment, and the earliest they can schedule me is march 10th. What... the... fuck?

I guess I'd better hope it'll go away with dietary changes, since otherwise dealing with feeling like this for a month until I sleep through a 7am ultrasound appointment is going to suck. x.x
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