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It's a movie about people with psychic powers fighting each other. It's decent as a movie, although not *great* -- too much redundant wandering around talking in the middle, really. But one thing that struck me about it was the scene where Hero telekinetic and Villain telekinetic had a nice little glowbug fight scene -- throwing each other around, levitating guns around corners to fire at each other from out of line of sight (and then blocking the bullets), etc. The only thing missing was the tentacles!

The other main theme of the movie was the psychic villains (and heroes) who could rewrite peoples' memories to make them think that, for instance, they'd always been on one side or the other, or that they were in love with them, and so on. Which is another theme in glowbugs, kinda.

I hate it when people steal my ideas before I have them!
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