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Help... me... Kill... me...

Apparently, the headache etc. that I had after eating that tuna sandwich yesterday at the museum of flight was not tuna-salad related (unless one of the employees coughed in the tuna or something). I'm kind of sick. Shivery, headachy, occasionally coughy... but only running a light fever, at least.

It hit when I went over to Anna's place this morning, and got *really bad* the instant I decided to drive home. Fortunately, uncontrollable shivering doesn't really matter when driving. Also, it only happens when I'm cold and my car warmed up pretty fast.

So now I'm wrapped up in a coat and stuff and setting the heat to 'fricasse' in my apartment...

Watch me feel fine by morning, then awful again as soon as I get home from work. That's how it usually goes.
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