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livejournal fiction

sythyry claims that zie's going to write all about zir vacation. Then again, zie also claims that zie's not in love with Vae... There's also years and years of journal entries from zir college years, which are pretty fascinating because of the magic and the romance and, you know, the doom.

colony_crisis is relatively recent. You can tell by how the author is doing things like writing 20 new entries in a day. I'm on, like, entry 17. Out of 90.

shinyshinyelves used to be the story of (a D+D game featuring) an elven druid, but lately it's been about an ogre instead.

godkin seems to have died before ever finishing the story, but it was reasonably amusing for a while.

Who am I missing?

Okay, calamitous_cani might actually still be updating, and Rowyn pointed out that he has a whole story done. It's set in the same world as Sythyry.
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