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run run run run

Sunday, we played a little 4e d+d. Eric keeps having enemies run away to warn additional encounters. It's really fucking annoying, because all the tactics that you'd have to stop this in 3.5 (including 'killing enemies when they try to run' and 'being able to fight a second battle before 5 minutes pass') don't exist anymore.

I really don't think Eric 'gets' 4e.

So, the party decided to head vaguely in the direction the invisible enemy had fled in, after getting a short rest, and came to a sinister-looking bridge across a deep, dark chasm. At the far end was a set of double doors with arrow slits, still closed. Constructs behind the doors started pelting the party with arbalest bolts as they advanced down the bridge... and then one of the deurgar backing them up cast a poisonous cloud which blinded them all, just as they finally managed to break the door down.

That made the deurgar mage a priority target, and he died first... but even though the party had the remaning duergar warriors virtually surrounded, the last survivor survived all the various opportunity attacks and ran to alert the second encounter -- an ogre and a ton of orcs.

So the party had no chance to rest or spend healing surges, and was out of encounter abilities since between the fucking crossbow-constructs, the mage, and the ludicrously resiliant melee, the first encounter had very nearly finished them off. Bore broke out with the dailies, though, and took down the ogre and managed to survive the orcs' assaults... until the last two both decided to run off to warn even MORE enemies...

At which point the party decided to run in other direction, and find an out of the way room to try to get a short rest in, since a third linked encounter would definately kill them since they were out of dailies now too, having used them to replace the already-used encounters in the second linked battle.

Completely defying all logic, somehow the enemies didn't manage to find them in the five minutes it took to rest. Yay for illogic.

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We literally did nothing but fight continuously. Then we quit early because 'the next fight is a really big one', and the rest of the gaming group started playing board games, but I'm really bored of board games so I just headed home.

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