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Sneak around the back way...

Sunday, I spent basically all day playing D+D. First, there was the normal session at Ed's place with Eric GMing, where we continued searching for the slaves we'd decided we might get a reward for rescuing.

The party was unmolested in the barracks for the five minutes it took them to catch their breath -- apparently, the enemy was preparing defenses against them instead. So they decided that instead of pushing on immediately, once they were rested, they'd check out a side passage in the hopes that it would come out behind the enemy's prepared defense.

At first, it didn't look promising -- they found an alternate bridge to the front door of the keep, barred from their side -- which they left barred! They found a crennelation from which archers could pelt people who were trying to assault the front gate -- probably meant for the animated Arbalests that they'd already smashed. Continuing on through increasingly dusty and disused chambers, they came to a temple to a minotaur god, full of collapsed walls and dead bodies.

Fearing that the bodies were undead, Bore advanced into the room and kicked one of the corpses. "Get up, ya slacker!" The bodies scattered all over the did not get up. The wights hiding behind the piles of rubble took that as their cue to leap out and attack, though.

Wights in 4e are an odd sort of monster -- they don't do a lot of damage, or paralyze you, or have a lot of hit points or high defenses. Instead, they drain your healing surges, so that in the next fight or the fight after, you won't be able to use your second wind or be healed by the party's cleric. Er, I mean, warlord. So while they were never actually in danger of killing anyone, they did a number on Bore and Morgan, leaving them with three and two surges left respectively -- enough for one more fight, but probably not enough for two.

But the party *did* have one more fight in them, so they pressed on, breaking down an ancient, jammed door that led into a minotaur burial chamber -- already looted, unfortunately. Not full of undead, fortunately. From there, a narrow set of stairs led down to a room full of cisterns, one of which was full of water, one full of rubble, and the other two full of slaves. They'd found them!

They were guarded, of course -- by two duergar grunts (the ones that could burst into flame, although neither of them did during the combat), two flying anti-tank cannon (aka spike devils), and one elite duergar thaumaturge -- like the one who'd caused them so much trouble on the bridge, only *elite*.

Sam and Shanarea managed to run out into the room, to avoid having the party bottled up in the corridor, but the two squishies were the only two that got out before one of the grunts ran to block the path. The Thaumaturge rained down fire, knocking Sam and Morgan to the ground and injuring them badly... but Bore and Morgan had a plan -- Morgan marked the grunt, hit him with Booming Blade (which did extra damage if the enemy moved away from Morgan), then stepped back... and Bore followed up with a tide of iron that pushed the grunt into the pool of water, freeing the party from the corridor, dunking the grunt, and triggering booming blade. The grunt (later) tried to swim for safety, but drew an AoO (you can't shift while swimming) from Bore and Vexx (who'd exited the tunnel in the meantime) and sank to the bottom of the pool, dead.

But the thaumaturge followed up with a cloud of blinding poison, that blinded basically the whole party. This wasn't really all that bad for them -- they spent the round while they were blind dispersing through the room, avoiding too much further AoE and getting the defenders closer to the real threats. Vexx ended up being left behind deuling the second grunt (who stayed marked by Morgan, making his attacks against Vexx ineffective), while the rest of the party ran around slaughtering the spine devils and the thaumaturge. It was still a pretty tough fight -- the devils didn't have anywhere to fly out of reach, but their spikes ignored armor and did lots of damage and slowed their targets, and the thaumaturge had some nasty melee attacks and a shitload of hit points -- but eventually it came down to Vexx and the grunt, with the rest of the enemies dead and the rest of the party on the far side of the room.

I think Shanarea ended up finishing the grunt. Vexx isn't really a good solo deulist.

At any rate, the grunts had the keys to the slaves' manacles, and one of the slaves was the son of the man who'd showed them the secret passage. Unfortunately, the princess was in another castle -- she'd already been sold on to some Gnolls who lived in another location that the party didn't know how to get to. But they were pretty wiped out, so they led the slaves to the secret entrance (without being bothered by any more enemies on the way, thankfully) with the idea that they could rest in the caves before returning to eradicate the remainder of the duergar threat tomorrow. Or possibly just bug out and lead the slaves to safety -- they hadn't actually decided.

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That didn't actually take the whole time slated for the session, so we spent a couple hours afterwards playing a sort of stone-age version of Puerto Rico. I came in second! Which is deceptive -- the scores were 183 (Ed and Shawn as a team), 148, 143, 139.
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