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I14 open beta...

Well, it's crashy... and some options that you'd really want (like 'random' for 'type of captive citizen') don't work, but the mission architect is there.

Since you'll be able to copy the custom data-files to the live server once it's live, I decided to go get the test server this time, which I've always avoided before -- because I'd feel like I was wasting my time. But if I can keep the missions, then I'm not really.

So far, I've spent something like five hours futzing around with an enemy group full of palette-shifted weasels with claws and various elemental powers, and a mission where they ran rampant around the city making mischief. They're kind of annoying though. And I'm not sure why I made so many of them able to fly. Really, I mean, I have no idea why I even did that.

It looks like they've done a pretty good job designing the interface, though. Now all they need to do is make it all work. Like I said, kind of crashy at this point...
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