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not going to murder anyone

I just thought I'd like to let you know that I'm not going to murder anyone. It would be a huge mess to clean up -- all that blood, and probably nastier bodily fluids that I didn't even anticipate. And hiding the body, I wouldn't even know where to start! Not to mention being arrested and put in prison and executed and stuff. Well, actually, the execution sounds kind of nice, but they don't even do that in this state I don't think.

Yeah, I know, I'm mostly trying to convince myself. But really, I won't.

Most of the things I want to murder aren't people, anyway -- there's the applescript dictionary, that has to die, and right now I14 is kind of making me hate... well, it's making me hate I14, what with the crashy and the 'restrict the level of the mission based on the level of the non-fighting NPC hostage' and the ludicrously small file size that combos so well with the bug that makes your story arcs randomly grow by about 10% of your quota periodically, for no apparently reason. I'm pretty sure adding an 'h' to a string doesn't take up 10k.

Then again, there were the three people at the gas station who tried to kill me with poor driving skills, the two people who decided walking through a narrow section of the parking garage and leaping out around blind corners in front of my car was a good idea, and the asshole who suddenly threw his car into reverse in front of me because he wanted to park in a no-parking zone...

Oh look, now it's time for lunch. Maybe I can have a nice green salad, without any cheese. Yum!
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