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Oh Apple...

Time to do my taxes, which means it's time to fire up the old desktop again. Woah, it still boots!

Anyway, after entering all the tax information and stuff (apparently, I owe $4000 in taxes on the mutual fund that lost $150,000 last year) I decided to move a few Blue October mp3s I'd bought from Amazon (on my laptop) to the ipod, and while I was already in iTunes... sure, okay, let's try updating the iPod software again.

My god, Apple. I've never seen anyone make it so hard to buy things.

Step 1: Click 'update software'
Step 2: Popup, 'There is a software update! Do you want to learn more?'. Click ok.
Step 3: Please read and accept these terms of service.
Step 4: Now enter your password for your 'apple ID' that you've never used since the last time you attempted and failed to buy this software.
Step 5: Oh, you forgot? Okay, we'll mail you your password.
Step 6: Open mail... click on bizarre 500-character link that can't possibly be typed in.
Step 7: Choose new password on the website.
Step 8: iTunes has decided to return you to its default webpage, with no link to the software you were trying to buy. Click on your iPod.
Step 9: Repeat steps 1-4.
Step 10: Hey, the terms of service have changed! Accept them again!
Step 11: Repeat steps 8-9.
Step 12: Oh no, your credit card is expired! Enter your password again and then click billing info.
Step 13: Billing info page, pretty standard.
Step 14: Repeat steps 8-9. Note that I've accepted the terms of service five times now.
Step 15: Finally start downloading. Yaaaay!

...this is why I buy mp3s from Amazon. Or artists' sites directly. Or just rip them from a CD. Urrgh. x.x
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