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End of the Delve

Sunday, we finished up the dungeon delve Jurann was running.

After taking a short rest, it was time to go meet the bugbears' boss. I threw open the doors -- well, one of the doors, they were really heavy -- and was immediately challenged by another bug bear or possibly hobgoblin.

"What are you doing here? Who are you?"

"Your guards let us in, they said you were supposed to give us all your treasure?"

He wasn't fooled, but he was a little slower on the draw, so I tossed a dagger at him and then ran back hehind the door jamb to hide, letting the silly dragonborn rush in and get counter attacked. I spent the next little while popping out to toss daggers, until it was down to only the boss left -- he had a couple minions to start, and summoned a couple more, but they didn't last long against the wizard's aoes.

He was tough, though! Tough as in 'took a long time to kill', not tough as in 'actually threatened us at any point', although I did get tagged pretty badly when I tried to hide under the table. Apparently, a flimsy wooden table does not work as cover against heavy steel flails.

And he was especially mad at me for being a traitor to my kind and siding with the heroes -- as if we'd seen even a single kobold on his team!

But after we'd killed him and looted him and stuff, we checked out his kitchen, where two large dogs were... not actually chained up. Eep. I hit one of them in the eye with a dagger and hid behind the dragonborn again, letting him get horribly mauled while I did nasty, cruel things to one of the dogs. Then we flanked and filleted the last enemy -- it's really not that hard to finish off the last enemy, and the dogs weren't as tough as the leader had been.

If we'd had to fight them *together*... that might have been a hard fight.

At any rate, we found the village's relic of pelor, which was made of platinum and gold. I tried to come up with a scheme that would make sure the villagers recognized the relic and actually wanted it regardless of its value, because we didn't just want to hand over a big lump of platinum because they claimed 'oh yes that's our relic'. The cleric misheard me, and 'fixed' my scheme so that we ended up keeping the amulet even if it was really the relic, and Pelor got mad and collapsed the dungeon on top of us, killing everyone.

last session

Jurann: "You feel your alignment slipping towards chaotic evil..."
Xodiac: "Oh come on, just keeping the relic isn't evil."
Trailblazer: "If we were evil, we'd extort the villagers out of all their money for its return."
Me: "If we were *chaotic* evil, we'd burn down the village and slaughter everyone, then sift through the wreckage looking for more 'relics' made out of platinum."
Jurann: "I guess it's a good thing the rocks fell and killed everyone, then."

Jurann's thinking of starting a campaign in a month or so, but he wants to run another group through a delve first (since he has other people who got left out of the first run) and not everyone in this delve was interested in the campaign. Maybe I'll play a druid, if I get into that group...

Anyway, after the d+d we played powergrid, and I won because I managed to lose every auction for the last set of power plants -- they didn't go cheap! And not winning the auctions put me two houses ahead of everyone else instead of one house behind when the game ended three turns later. In particular, it gave me 18 houses (which was the limit I could power) when everyone else had 17 (some of them could have powered 19 because they bought the big power plants).

Six player powergrid is weeeeird -- we got to stage 3 before stage 2, without anyone (except one person) being blocked in or anything, and sold the last powerplant when the highest house count was 7.
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