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Glow Bugs 19

This was another one of the chapters where I had to throw out a ton of stuff, but I *finally* got something I could stand to read. And it even finishes off the battle of Dolphin's Landing! I was worried that would drag on even longer... which is bad, since the main characters (aka, the glowbugs) don't have much to do with it.

That's not why it took so long to come out, though. Most of the delay was caused by CoH releasing the issue 14 open beta on the Test server.

In this chapter of Glow Bugs, Snow Fall argues with the space otters of the city of Dolphin's Landing. When the Unity joins the flame war, whose side will they be on?

Eclipse's assault on the hospital was repelled, but now Jennifer is in charge of burying the survivors. Given that she has the entire army of Eden at her disposal, complete with fighters and hovertanks, is this really an improvement?

Also, Trace ruins everything. And Genn gets punched in the face.


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Glow Bugs is the sequel to Space Otters:
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