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The best laid plans of rats and zox...

...are out at the moment. Would you like a thin pretense thrown together at the last second?

The party compared notes with Alanna (the realist alchemist, who'd taken over Itsaboy's part of Mr. Stravinsky's company after he was chased out for being a realist) and decided to say that they were from Jaxom, a theives' den relatively nearby, where they'd been associating with the company through correspondance for years before being dumped on Morpheus against their will.

Alanna also told them that she'd found a dead drop from Sgt. First, which she couldn't read. All the party could read it -- it was written in ancient common or something. It said that various people were potential traitors, including Steve the engineer (which seemed unlikely, or he'd have turned them in) and the shady doctor on the boat (which seemed significantly more likely).

Their story seemed to do the trick with 'Bob', the new head of the company. They'd been staying in the deadlands to allow themselves to sleep, and only coming into the city to help with the steam engine project. With Bob's help, they arranged for an expedition to recover and perhaps repair the entire crashed ship, and not just its damaged vane. Bob had some flying carpets that he was willing to lend to the cause. They spent the day preparing -- learning to fly carpets, and seeing who they could teach enough alchemy to make enough Caravan's Miracle Cream to float the whole damn ship.

But Takara was approached during the day, and told that they needed to rescue Itsaboy that night -- he was hiding in a windmill by the river, but Nubium's forces were going to pounce on him first thing in the morning, during Sgt. First's execution. Mr. Stravinsky was in a similar pickle, but Itsaboy was by far the more important person to save -- he was a genius, irreplaceable on all of Morpheus.

Alanna thought that she could make some pink fizzy potion for them, since they'd brought some more dragon's blood, but it would take her until a hour before nightfall. And they were scheduled to leave on the expedition that day.

So they came up with a plan -- the carpets could be pushed very fast if you were willing to spend mana, so Kyngeah and Cane (who didn't use mana for anything) would tell the rest of the expedition that they were scouting ahead, and go back to the city instead (with the rest of the party riding on the carpet). They'd use the pink fizzy potion to rescue everyone who needed rescuing while the city slept, then zoom back to do the scouting, and rejoin the expedition in the morning, saying that they'd gotten caught in the dreamtime again.

And it sort of worked -- they managed to get away, they thought without arousing too much suspicion, and got back to the city to Alanna's office. But Alanna was nowhere to be seen. They decided it wasn't a good idea to go looking for her -- the fewer people saw them in the city, the better. And there were two pink fizzy potions, though... so each of them would get half a dose, meaning four or five hours of activity. Hopefully that would be enough.

Unfortunately, it was a trap! Or at least, they ran into four assassins waiting for them at the windmill, who dispelled the carpet. Cane and Takara jumped off onto different rooftops, Nico flew up into the air, and Kyngeah rode the carpet down trying to make a gentle landing, as they prepared to face this threat.

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...but then Lazar didn't feel like running a combat, so we stopped there.
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