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So while I was in the grocery store last weekend, I spotted some 'fat free whipped cream'. Now, I've found reasonable fat free cheese finally (fat free feta tastes just like normal feta -- pretty awful, but miles ahead of fat free cheddar which is like eating rotten plastic) and sour cream (Tillamook brand is decent) so I decided to give it a try.

And how do you try out whipped cream? By eating it with strawberries, of course!

Now, there's a trick to eating strawberries -- you can't just take a strawberry and spray whipped cream on it, then bite into it. No. That tastes awful. The strawberries are tart and flavorless and it's like eating grass.

You have to *slice* them first.

This is probably just a matter of exposing more of the juicy innards before they get contaminated by your saliva (which always kills the flavor of anything -- it's why it doesn't actually work to try to mix chocolate milk inside your mouth) but it works wonders. As a side benefit, you end up getting more whipped cream per unit of strawberry without having to have heaping mounds that fall off and get you all messy.

Here's the problme, though -- the grocery store had a sale on four-pound boxes of strawberries. I've been eating strawberries and whipped cream *all week*. @.@ It's good, but it kills my teeth -- monday night I had to drug myself to be able to sleep. x.x

But Anyway, the verdict is 'fat free whipped cream tastes exactly like normal whipped cream'. Seriously.
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