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So... I got pokemon platinum a while back, because I went to a mall. Really, there's no deeper reason -- I'm a sucker for being put near things which could be bought. It's sad.

So I've been playing that. To make it less of a repeated experience, I'm trying to beat the game without using the same pokemon I've used in any other version of pokemon. So no Staravia, no buizel, no budew or roselia or pachirisu (no pickup, aieee!).

Instead, I've got:
Flokey the Monferno (or whatever he is right now). Pretty lame, I hate him, but he's my starter and more importantly has Cut and Rock Smash which get used CONSTANTLY. Well, Cut does.

Bobtail the Azumarill. I never actually used this guy before. I hope he can learn Surf.

Jinx the Shinx. I used pachirisu last time, so I get to use the Shinx line this time. Not really *impressive* but fast and bitey.

Beldandy the... er... whatever the silly bell-pokemon is. Psychic type. Has a lot of useless moves right now. Only psychic type I've found so far that I haven't used except for the horrible garlic-headed meditite that is TOO UGLY.

Yeah, another criterion is 'pokemon have to be cute'. Sorry, beavers.

Then I had two flying pokemon:
Sera the Beautifly, who gusted and mega-drained enemies to death
Skara the Gligar, with faint attack and sand attack to screw with them both ways.

...yeah, apparently neither of them can learn 'Fly'. Fly is kind of important, it's one of the powers (like Cut) that you really want in your team full-time.

I thought I was going to have to use a Chatot for Fly (reeeeally running low on bird pokemon I haven't used yet)... but today is Friday, so I was able to get get a driftloon, which'll eventually evolve into a driftblimp or whatever which can fly. And cut! I can take Cut off my starter! ...as soon as I find the stupid move deleter.

But they can't fly until they evolve at level 28, so... a ways to go.

I've also been a serious berry whore. Gah, stupid berries.
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