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Chopping Wood

Laundry is sooo annoying. The machines are all full with other peoples' stuff with different time-until-done, so you're not going to get more than one machine at a time, and when you try to queue your loads so that you can reclaim the machine you were just using, HA HA the dryer takes 50% longer than the washing machine so someone can sneak in and take BOTH machines...

Also, the dryer cycle usually has to be done twice, because the dryers suck. Maybe the washers suck too, and I should be running them twice, but it's not quite as clear cut as 'all my shirts are still wet after 60 minutes in the dryer'.

That's not actually what I'm here to talk about, though. Last night we played us some Shadake.

The assassins faced off against the party one on one on one on one etc. This was not the idea formation for the party, since the Burmecians could jump from rooftop to rooftop at will, while Takara and Cane were pretty much trapped. Luckily, the enemies didn't think to try anything clever. Maybe they were worried some of them would have gotten away if they tried for defeat in detail.

The assassins were only a little more skilled than the party, but were using poisoned daggers and claw-gloves which weren't quite as effective as Cane's katana or Takara's, well, claw gloves. Nico and his assassin managed a mutual kill -- the assassin's poison drove Nico into a frenzy, and then he tore the poor rat's throat out. Then he turned on Cane, and arrived just as Cane finished off his enemy -- so the Zox klonked Nico over the head to stop him without hurting him too much.

Kyngeah cast Sanctuary and spent the entire fight healing herself. So Takara had to fight two enemies all by herself. Fortunately, she was up to it. After the fight, they looted the assassins bodies, made sure they were all dead, and had Kyngeah slowly heal Nico's wounds until he was at least conscious and sane.

Then they went inside the mill, just in case this wasn't *only* a trap. Itsaboy *was* there, hiding inside a very conspicuous sphere of impenetrable darkness. He was shocked at the assassins -- no, they weren't his men, but they were a lot more serious than the Lords had ever been about going after him before.

He didn't offer any explanation as to why he was still awake in the middle of the night, but since he'd been the first person they'd seen make pink fizzy potion it wasn't *that* much of a surprise.

Anyway, Itsaboy wanted to break out Sergeant First -- Takara hadn't been given a location for Mr. Stravinsky, so apparently he wasn't important. First was actually in prison, and to make things worse they had to make it look like he'd died in the attempt, so that he wouldn't just be hunted down again. The initial plans involved burning down the whole building and/or rescuing all the prisoners inside, but they really weren't sure if all the prisoners were political prisoners and not, say, murdering rapists. Also, as soon as people started dying, the Lord would know something was up.

So instead they took one of the assassin's bodies and substituted it for Sergeant First, burning it beyond recognition with a whole bunch of 'thermite' that Itsaboy had just invented in an attempt to improve on Cane's gunpowder. Then they poisoned First with the assassins' pain poison just before taking him out of Nubium's realm, to make it look in the dreamtime like he'd suffered horribly and then died.

...then, on the way back to the expedition they'd taken the night off from, they ran out of pink fizz and fell asleep in the deadlands, and while they were out Itsaboy stole their flying carpet and left them sprawled near the expedition's path. This worked out okay because the expedition assumed they'd fallen asleep while flying (which was true) and had just lost the carpet (which was not). "It was stolen by ratlings," was the party's excuse for not having it, which just got a lot of chuckles.

The expedition in general went fairly smoothly, though. It took days to retrieve the boat, even with their giant team of carpets, slaves, and alchemists making the levitation cream, and a pair of airships to help with hauling, because they had to cut a path through the forest for the wreck. But in the end, they got it back, and Bob got his people started on rebuilding it into a translunar vessel of some sort.

Nubium summoned them for another audience, as soon as they were back in town. It wasn't actually a hostile audience -- she psychoanalyzed them for a while, and then said that they'd recovered a lot of expensive things, and she was worried that they were about to leave on this lunar ship and never come back, whatever they'd told the company that was helping build it. She offered to give them some incentive to return, although no one knew what exactly would qualify. The things making them want to leave the moon -- the constant threat of slavery, the possibility of imminent invasion, not to mention all the stupid infighting between the Lords and the Realists -- weren't things that they could really ask her to fix.

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