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I've got 3 CDs that I want to rip to mp3s to put on my ipod. This is not supposed to be a huge production. But...

(1) My old desktop is dying even more -- now it crashes after a few minutes of doing anything CPU-intensive, like ripping CDs.
(2) So... I decided to rip them on my laptop instead. Media player ripped them to WMA.
(3) iTunes hates WMA, but offers to automatically convert them to mp3s. And, of course, the computer crashes after a few minutes of doing something CPU-intensive, like converting WMA to mp3.
(4) So, I checked the options on media player and set it to rip as mp3. Copying files doesn't seem to make the desktop crash, at least...

Did I mention that every time I insert a CD, some fucking yahoo jukebox thing pops up? When the hell did THAT get installed?

And now I've got two copies of everything, god-only-knows where in the horrific hybridized nightmare that is my music directory, and need to cleanse the library so that itunes doesn't try to convert the WMAs again and crash while copying them to my ipod... assuming it can even do that successfully. If it can't, well... um...

I guess I'll need a new computer? o.O

Also, still not done with this crap, and it's been like an hour. Yeesh.
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