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Finished Pokemon Platinum. Got the national pokedex. Quickly lost interest. z.z

Finished Puzzle Quest Galactrix just today. Final ship: Pirate Battlecruiser w/ 2 make-enemy-lose-turns devices, a shield disruptor, a trident laser (lases without using up your turn), the lumina shield (refills your shield to full for lots of green energy basically), and a robotic minelayer (turns yellow gems into mines) which did most of the damage against the Gamma Sphere. Got gamma sphere plans. HA HA HA HA no way I'm ever building that -- 128 matches needed in the construction minigame? W... T... F...

Finished Halo Wars. It was fun! The last mission was annoying, since the symbols seemed to indicate one thing, but supposedly actually indicated something totally different that I still don't see after the fact. At least just before you lose the first time it comes out and tells you the secret, so that you can get it the second time. Oh, and I was robbed the first time -- I clicked the last button with 1 second remaining, but it took 5 seconds to animate, so 'mission failed' was already appearing by the time the last door opened. GRRR.

Started playing Free Realms... a little. It's got some fun minigames -- mining is fun, and so is the card game -- and lots of not-so-fun minigames, like the fighting. Maybe the fighting is more fun if you're a wizard or something, but you have to pay to be a wizard. Also, you can mine and smelt, but you can't actually make anything out of the copper bars unless you pay to be a blacksmith. BLAH on their business model. It's also one of the 'massively multiplayer' games like EQ2 or WoW or WAR that punishes teaming. It punishes teaming *a lot* since all the tutorial quests require you to *win*, so you have to do them over and over until everyone wins, and then you discover that HA HA being on a team made it impossible for the quest to actually update progress, so sorry, break your team and try again.

Single-player, started playing Last Remnant, which is a pretty neat turn-based RPG. The 'Union' system is kind of annoying more than cool, though -- you combine your units into squads, and then give orders to the squads instead of the individuals. This would be great if it didn't randomly decide not to let you use the commands you want -- like, 'heal'. Having the game decide that no, you're not allowed to order your people to use healing potions this turn can make you lose really easily. That only happens occasionally, at least -- but you almost *never* get the option to use long-range attacks, for example, and when you give the order to attack using combat arts, half your squad will inexplicably hold back and just use the worthless default attack instead.

Stuff: I ate some indian food yesterday. This was NOT A GOOD IDEA. Urgh.... x.x
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