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Excuse me while I research 'disguise'

Played some Shadake tonight, kind of. We didn't really advance the plot much.

All the plot hooks pointed back into either Crisium or Nubium's territory, both places where the party was wanted (or at least, where Cane was wanted). Trying to just walk into the city was obviously suicidal, though -- if Crisium didn't have a warrant out for their arrest, she was VERY STUPID since the last couple times they'd come in it was as raiders, terrorists and thieves... and this time wasn't likely to be an exception.

But first things first -- they needed food. Cane wanted to raid a farm, slaughter the inhabitants, and use it as a base to research a disguise potion, but Kyngeah was against random slaughter of civilians, even if they were clearly enemy civilians. So instead, Takara snuck in and stole a bag of grain, and they had gruel. Mmm, gruel.

Then they headed to Imbrium's territory -- they needed somewhere where they could but supplies, but where they weren't likely to be immediately arrested yet. Just in case, though, they planned to at least buy cloaks to hide the most obvious party members -- Cane and Nico. So the first night, they camped out in the woods outside the city in a lean-to built using the floating platform they'd been scooting around on as a roof, and were visited by Imbrium herself.

She told them that they were, in fact, wanted in general by Crisium and very intensely by Nubium, who was *really pissed* that Bob was dead. But Imbrium found it amusing to frustrate them, so she promised to let the party stay if they'd be so kind as to *amuse* her. Kyngeah did a little bit of religious debate, and Cane offered to juggle fire, but ended up being kidnapped for a 'therapy' session designed to make him 'less repressed', which the rest of the party had suggested he needed. This was code for a subjective month or two of literally insane sex with a series of creepy alien monsters. O.O

As a reward, they were given sleep potions to use in case they found themselves unable to sleep normally because they'd adapted to the moon. They were all different, and the first one Cane identified was actually very dangerous -- it put the person who drank it into a deep, low-metabolism coma, that was likely to kill them if they started out unhealthy.

But with Imbrium letting them stay in her territory, they were able to rent a hotel room and buy a replacement portable alchemy kit, and Cane and Vesperian spent four days researching the disguise spell. Because of the need to disguise people like Cane and Nico who were much larger than burmecians or had extra limbs, it had to be a physical transformation, and not just an illusion. But on the second try, they got something that they thought would work, and offered it to Takara as a test subject, since she was able to change shape anyway.

And it worked! Takara was transformed into a burmecian... and her cat form was transformed into a rat. "This had better be temporary."

So they whipped up a bunch of doses for the rest of the party to use, and some 'emergency transformation potions' to change the people back into themselves in case it was permanent (although they couldn't make one for Takara, who was already transformed). The potion wasn't specific to burmecians -- it changed you into whatever species the blood used as a material component was from. The really good potions kept some physical characteristics from your own body, translated into an appropriate form; the normal version turned you into a clone of whoever the blood sample was for (basically a polyjuice potion with a d12 day duration), still workable for their purposes at least, when supplemented by mundane disguise.

And Takara *did* turn back eventually, so they knew the effect was temporary.

Once they had a bunch of potions (disguise and the other useful ones -- purification incense, caravan miracle cream, and fire oil) they were ready to set out for Crisium's territory. The first day at laest, they stopped on the border and ran in to scout out the city during the day, returning before nightfall so as not to have to risk facing Crisium in the dreamtime. They found that the Priest of the Eternal Void, Mr. Teatime, had signed on with the Ree ship that was *still* spamming the dreamtime with recruitment advertisements, but spent most of his time wandering the city.

They didn't have an actual plan yet, but their vague plan was to find out what he was really up to, kill him if necessary, then get on the ship and leave Morpheus behind before Crisium and Nubium caught up with them. Marooning the ship's crew somewhere, if they couldn't blend in. How hard could it be to pilot an inter-lunar vessel, after the For-sale $400,000 and the Deathtrap II?

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