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So much hate...

Wireless internet is the worst invention in the history of mankind. >.<

Trying to get it working on MacOS is especially painful. I think it was a 37-step process?

Ugh. x.x

It's sort of half-working now. I'm going to stop trying to get it to work any better than that.

This is all for a big Cocoa training seminar next week while the rest of the team is in China. I could have gone to China instead, but... I'd have to travel. To China. And get a passport. And stuff.

I don't really *hate* travelling... I mean, I do. I do hate it a lot. At least, I hate driving or riding in cars or busses and going through airport security (riding in the plane itself is okay sometimes depending on the plane and my seat; lately with the no-leg-room-squished-seats it hasn't been). I hate being a city where I don't have a car. I hate everything about hotels and time zones. Other than that, travelling itself is okay. If I'm going somewhere for a week (which is how long the China trip would be), then in theory I'd be spending enough time at the destination that my hatred for the physical act of travelling would be a minor tax on the whole event.

But I don't get anything out of it, either. Touristy stuff doesn't do anything for me anymore, and very little of it is actually worthwhile in its own right. Visiting people is... draining. I could go the rest of my life without leaving the county (let alone the country) and be perfectly fine with that -- I've seen enough of the world to know that it's all the same.

I think it would be neat if humanity as a whole went into space and colonized the galaxy, but I can't see myself bothering to ever go visit Mars or even the Moon. What would I do there that I couldn't do anywhere else, other than maybe die of asphyxiation?
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