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Last night we played some Shadake. Snowwy was missing, and Lazar had us do a Tarot reading to determine how Nico got into trouble as a result (the reading said that he'd pursue some selfish but futile goal, and broaden his horizons as a result), but nothing ended up coming of it -- at least, nothing that we found out about. He was with the party the whole time, though, just quiet.

We didn't actually get much done this session either, although we did get hired onto the boat, mostly because they were desperate for crew.

The party started their second day in Crisium's territory by filling out employment forms for the Ree privateer. The terms of employment were reasonable, not that it mattered since they weren't going to be able to maintain their disguises for the entire trip -- they had some backup potions, but what they didn't have were private sleeping quarters so that they could take a new dose after waking up back in their own body, which would happen in a random number of days less than or equal to 8.

So while they waited to hear back, they decided to search the bars for Teatime, the crazed priest who was out to get Cane. He was a burmecian who wore black -- this narrowed things down a little, but not enough. On the other hand, he *was* going bar-hopping, so maybe it wasn't entirely hopeless.

The first bar they checked was a gay leather bar. Everyone in it was wearing black. They decided to move on, since... EWWW.

In the second bar, Cane spent ten minutes chatting up someone at the bar who was wearing black (to try to figure out if they were the priest) before realizing that she was a girl. AWKWARD. Also, not Teatime, since everyone had been calling him 'he'. But as he was trying to politely extricate himself from the conversation, someone else in black headed for the backrooms in something of a hurry.

Cane followed, claiming that he had to use the restroom, only to find the tunnel cloaked in illusion -- it looked like all four doors closed simultaneously, and he couldn't make out the wording on any of them. So he closed his eyes and tried to remember the hallway, and found that his memory had been blurred by magic... except for the door marked 'exit', which was sharp. The one the illusion hadn't had to hide.

So, into the alleyway. "Cover me," he said to Takara and Kyngeah, who of course had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Kyngeah started 'covering for him' by chatting up the girl at the bar.

In the alleyway, he had the sense that someone else was present, but there were more illusions, and he couldn't see them. He tried to bluff that he'd been innocently looking for the bathroom and confused by the illusion, but he didn't think it worked. At any rate, Teatime definately got away, and besides there wasn't much point chasing him without some defense against illusions.

Nico had a spell that was supposed to keep people from messing with your mind, but its 'side effect' when they tested it on Cane was catatonia. So instead they decided to try rifling through his stuff, althoughh for that they'd need to know where he slept. "Maybe we can watch the boat tonight to see when he comes home, and then Takara, who's sneaky, can follow him to his bunk."

But that left them the whole day to do stuff, so Takara arranged a meeting between Cane and the underworld to sell some of his extra disguise potions and cleansing incense, and commission some specific disguise potions for them. It took most of the day to do the commissions, but he got enough money to pay off his debt to the rest of the party for buying him the replacement portable alchemy lab.

Then they headed to the port to stake out the boat, and... the boat was leaving. They'd all been hired, so they were ushered on board and shown to their bunks. They did have one contact on the boat that they'd previously asked about Teatime, who didn't like the priest, and he told them where Teatime's bunk was. So Takara rifled through his things, since there was only one roommate present (a bunny) and he was deeply asleep.

There wasn't anything especially incriminating -- there was an invisible knife (ow!) and a journal which Cane flipped through to memorize, planning to decode it later. He got his chance sooner than he expected -- one of the other new recruits on the privateer was none other than Sgt. First! Who did indeed know how to decode simple substitution cyphers, after Cane wrote out the symbols from the diary for him onto a new sheet of paper.

Unfortunately, while First was able to decode the diary, all it told them was that the priest did in fact believe that there was a Great Evil Presence on the moon, which his disciples at least had pegged as Cane. And when they compared dates, Cane didn't actually have an alibi for the murders that the priest had recorded to lead him to conclude he was the culprit.

Then it was time to strap in for take-off -- the ship was taking off in a hurry, because the captain didn't want to be stuck on Morpheus for another night. Or worse, to be caught in the dreamtime in the middle of taking off!

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