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Last night we played some shadake, in which we were doomed. At least, that's what the cards say.

The party was kept busy in their new jobs as part of the crew of the Concordance. The ship was very, very understaffed -- they'd left Morpheus with 50 crew, and needed 150 to be run properly, and most of the 50 were greenhorns. So everyone had to learn how to work the rigging and the guns, and about common hazards for skyskips, like ethereal storms, actual storms, 'green clouds' that were actually floating forests, and sky-monsters. In addition to actually doing work.

But they were expected to be shiftless layabouts, so they were able to gather in Nico's cabin (Nico, despite being in burmecian form, had marked on his resume that he could fly, which meant he got a private cabin) to talk about stuff.

Mostly, they wanted to know if Cane was going to kill Teatime. Cane wanted to, kind of, but he didn't really want to do it without a reason, and Teatime's memoires hadn't given a reason. "Obviously, he wouldn't write down his evil deeds in his diary. He probably meant for us to find it."

Kyngeah told Cane that the only thing for him to do was to talk to Teatime to try to find out what was actually going on. Violence was never going to be the answer. Cane tried to follow up on that, but never managed to catch Teatime to actually have that talk.

Cane also stayed up all night to see if he could use their blood in their transformed form to make potions to let them stay transformed for longer. He made a potion (out of Nico's blood, figuring that if it transformed someone into Nico's original form it would at least be a flying potion), and then analyzed it, and the result was... not good. There was no telling *what* the potion would do, but it wasn't going to turn the drinker into either Nico or the burmecian he was currently disguised as.

Cane: "I think I'll label this one 'extra healing' and keep it in my pack. No one drink it."
Vesperian: "So everything labeled 'extra' is a trap?"
Cane: "No wait, 'advanced'. I'll label it 'advanced flying'."

Aaaanyway, they were going to get to a repair facility in three days. The Concordance had taken some damage when the party burned down the port, even if it hadn't been completely destroyed like the other Ree ships, and needed repairs. Kyngeah, who had some skill-memories of being a sailor, knew that it needed a LOT of repairs. For one thing, they were almost out of rope!

There were thoughts about changing identities at the repair station -- they could 'disappear' and reappear in new forms, and the ship was desperate enough for crew that they'd probably hire them back on.

Kyngeah: "Or you could poison everyone. You are the cook."
Cane: "Yeah, and we've still got 48 sleeping potions. That's enough to take out everyone but us. We might not need to do anything, though -- we were transformed to get past Crisium's guards. Captain Moose might not care what we are."

They got to test that theory the day before they got to the repair station, though -- Nico's potion wore off early, so he got to be the guinea pig. The first mate and captain were a bit annoyed that he'd signed up as a flyer without being able to fly at the time ("I have a flying potion! If I'd needed to I could have turned back early!") but most of the crew was relieved that he wasn't some sort of crazy mage with a flying spell after all -- wings were much more reliable.

So that was reassuring.

What wasn't reassuring was the repair station itself, which was obscured in a cloud of wood smoke, had bits of it broken off, and looked abandoned. They decided to take a tarot reading.

Reading one: "You are all going to die in a shipwreck."

Vesperian didn't like that one, and made them try again.

Reading two: "Well, maybe there's some secret nearby that could save you."

Kyngeah did a third for her own amusement.

Reading three: "No seriously, find somewhere to ride out the storm."

The captain did intend to dock at the repair station anyway, whether or not there was really going to be a storm -- the ship needed repairs, and even a destroyed station might have something they could use. "Be ready to fight, men." Cane considered using his 'turn back into a zox' potion to get ready to fight, but decided to save it until he was sure he wouldn't have to jump first. But he made sure he had it handy.

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