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I spent Sunday morning logging in all the City of Heroes characters I'd played in the past year but hadn't played in the past month, to get the 'Jubilant' badge before the opportunity passed. It was really aggravating -- I kept logging in with one and going 'oh, I should play a mission with this guy, I haven't played him in ages!' but noooo, I was already going to be late for lunch.

Crossroads gathering was a bit more populated than normal recently, because Darter and Kay and some other people I don't know showed up. It was nice to see Darter again, but there wasn't a lot of chemistry in general between that group and the normal Sunday crew, even though everyone there used to all be part of the same clique once upon a time.

But afterwards we did some board games. Jurann was supposed to have the end of his second dungeon delve for about the third week in a row, but three people bailed so he cancelled it, and he's thinking that he's not going to bother finishing it since one of them said they didn't like the hack-and-slash nature of the game, and that was why they kept flaking.

So we did board games instead. We played a game of Small World -- the third one in two weeks, yay! -- and I got left alone for almost the whole game, and managed to win basically as a direct result (I never had to put my second race into decline because no one attacked my first race, and I could pull in 12-14 points a turn doing nothing). Then I played a two-player game of Race for the Galaxy with Voco, and he got a respectable score of 37 -- better than I usually do! That game I got an insanely good score of 52, though. Sigh. I want to lose at that game sometime so that people will keep playing with me. >:)

Then we played Agricola, because Jurann was complaining about never getting to play it, and Voco wanted to learn. The two people to either side of me (Jurann and Trailblazer) both got crazy-good combos in the early game that let them pull ahead -- Jurann got three grain and a free plowed field whenever he took 'take a grain', and Trailblazer was able to build new rooms on his house for 1 reed and 2 wood (instead of 2 reed and 5 wood) which let him pull ahead early with four family members to my 2. But near the end of the game I managed to get my own combo out (stonecutter + stone road + 'renovate to stone w/o doing clay first') which gave me something like 15 victory points out of my final 47, and my farm hadn't been totally sucking for the rest of the game (I had lots of animals and a hearth to fry them up in). I beat Trailblazer by one point to win the game! Voco, having never played before, at least had a positive score. >:)

Then afterwards we played Pandemic, which went 'okay' but not really awesomely, until we suddenly had epidemics two turns in a row, giving us seven outbreaks in a previously untouched corner of the world, losing us the game instantly. Then I realized it was after midnight, and I really had to go home.

Of course, I played a few missions in Last Remnant first, and didn't get to bed until 3am. Gaaaah.

The other game I've been playing a lot recently is Demigod, which is sort of like a real-time strategy game without the strategy. You control 1 unit (possibly with a few auxiliary units if it's a 'general') while your team mechanically wages war against the enemy, but your 1 unit is insanely powerful and only really threatened by enemy demigods and, at the beginning of the game, fixed defenses. It's meant for PvP online, and like all PvP games, there's one class that's sickeningly overpowered. It's not the sniper, though -- it's the paladin, who does more damage than any 'assassin' while being a 'general' (meaning, he gets an army to walk around with him) even *before* he debuffs his enemies' armor, can heal himself and his entire team as he kills, and if he's somehow taken out, gets 10 seconds to walk around boosted and invincible and, if he kills his killer, denies them credit for his death.

The one PvP game I played, someone played Oak and wiped the floor with our team over and over, until we'd respawn at the health crystal and he'd walk right up and kill us again at the spawn point, even through it's ludicrous-speed healing aura.

I guess overpowered pallys isn't entirely unprecedented, though.
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