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Madness? This... is... Silpheed!

Silpheed *project*.

Yeah, I was expecting a top-down shooter. HA HA HA A LOSER IS YOU! It's actually a first-person space shooter along the lines of X-Wing or Descent: Freespace. Only, you know, BAD. So more like Wing Commander.

So, take Wing Commander, angsty storyline and all (I swear they ripped the story off of one incarnation of Gundam or another -- I haven't even *watched* much Gundam and I can tell that much), except that you're flying in what's basically a Veritech minus the transformation.

Now replace the AI with Folger's Crystals. The enemy fighters don't seem to fight back -- in the five multi-part missions I played, I was damaged by an enemy fighter exactly ZERO TIMES. The bombers will kill the ships you're supposed to protect, though, so you can lose. Usually, without really knowing why -- it's not like they're marked any differently on the map. You can also lose when a capital ship decides to fire at you. They don't do it often, but it's an instant kill, and the only way to avoid it is... um, I'll let you know if I figure it out.

Oh, and I just discovered that I totally screwed my game -- when you die in a mission, it restarts you partway through, at a checkpoint. I've been doing that a lot, because every single fricking mission is 'protect allies' or 'defeat enemy capital ships', both of which randomly kill you a lot. There's also a timer which can run out.

But when you restart at a checkpoint, it's like hitting 'continue' in the middle of a top-down shooter. It resets your score. You don't get any credit for anything that happened before the checkpoint. So I've basically only been getting scored for about 1/2 or 1/3 of the fighting I've done.

Your score is what you use to upgrade your weapons. OOPS!
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