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I really haven't been watching very much TV lately. All the shows I was following went into hiatus, but I haven't been very diligent about watching the listings to see when they're coming back.

I set out roach traps in my apartment, because the little black beetles that started infesting it were growing bigger and browner and more roach-like. Ugh. x.x There shouldn't be roaches this far north!

I played a little more Sylpheed and got past a few more missions... including one mission where I got 70,000 points to spend on stuff because your goal was basically 'blow up a huge enemy fleet', and I'd just gotten a new set of anti-ship weaponry that worked really well. Then I got to a multi-part mission where the objective is to destroy all enemies in 10 minutes while protecting your carrier, followed by destroy all enemies in 10 minutes while protecting your carrier. The carrier very rarely dies during the first half, but I have trouble killing everyone in 10 minutes because there are so many bombers and killing bombers is *slow*. I can kill a cruiser faster than a bomber! Unless I get a lucky shot with the railgun, but it doesn't fire very often and I'm not a very good shot. (lucky shot with the railgun was how I finally got past the 'kill margras while his 10 million escorts try to shoot you down' mission)

And at work... I need to get started on a new project, but before I start I have to decide all this stuff that I won't really know the answer to until after I get started. So I guess I'll just choose randomly? I suck at this whole 'investigation' thing -- I investigate by doing! >:)
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