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I had a box of fruit loops in my office for at-work snacking. I don't like fruit loops that much (I like... Trix I think? They have more flavor) so it'd been sitting there for a while, but I was finally in a fruity mood and decided to have a bowl.

Someone had cut open the box with, um, a boxcutter probably, removed the cereal bag, put the cereal into a new bag, and stuffed it back inside. The cut was placed so that it still seemed sealed on the shelf -- I didn't notice until I went to open it.

The bag still had cereal inside, but I was scared to eat it, so I just threw it away. Does anyone know any legitimate reason that someone would have done this? All I can think of is poison or anthrax spores. If it was anthrax spores I'm probably doomed since I opened the bag. x.x
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