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Ghost Talking

Last night we played some Shadake. Snowwy was out, so Nico spent the session unconscious. But not dead, at least. Not even possessed!

The remaining survivors of the crash were snowed in that night, and in the morning, eight of them didn't wake up. They hadn't been murdered, at least -- they were just sick, from the cold and the wet and the lack of beds in the dining area that everyone was forbidden to leave, since there were only two people who could see astral at all (Takara and Kyngeah) and Takara wasn't very good at it -- she'd see the 'dream world', which wasn't exactly the same thing.

Kyngeah tried to cure the sick folk, with mixed results -- the first person she tried it on got better, the second one got worse and died. Since she didn't know how that was even possible, she didn't try on the rest, instead opting to try to keep them warm and comfortable and stuff. Even though Nico was one of the stricken, and it would have been amusing to 'accidentally' kill him [since the GM couldn't allow him to wake up, the sickness being the excuse for him not doing anything that week].

The first priority was expanding their ability to detect the evil ghost. Takara thought she should probably be able to see ghosts by focusing on her feline nature (of COURSE cats can see ghosts! They swat at them all the time!), and worked on developing that skill while Cane and Xerxes followed a recipe for an aura-revealing candle that Cane suddenly remembered how to make. Cane also remembered that it was *really hard* to make, and wasn't really sure that he'd be able to do it at all, even with Xerxes help.

So of course they succeeded on their first try, in minimum time. "That was easy!" They then spent the rest of the day failing to make a second one. They wanted two so that one could be left protecting the sick folk and whoever stayed back to guard them, while the other could be used for an away team to try to make contact with the trees.

But they couldn't make a second one, so they settled for having Kyngeah and Takara stand watch on the astral (Kyngeah had to tie herself to Cane's back to do this) for the away team -- with two, the ghost couldn't just possess the watcher.

The first step was to see if the ghost was devouring the bearcats, and warn them. They got close enough that Kyngeah wouldn't have a long run back to her body if the ghost was there, and then she approached it astrally.

The cave was in no danger from ghosts -- the tribe's shaman was powerful, and had barriers and defenses, as well as active astral guardians.

GM: "They're like his power animals, only they're plants."
Me: "So... power plants?"
GM: "I didn't make that pun."
Me: "I bet if you take out the power plants, the rest of his defenses will shut down."

So the party approached the cave physically, relying on their universal translator spell to let them talk to the cave-bearcats. "We come in peace!"

It turned out the translation spell wasn't universal -- it had several languages that Itsaboy thought would be useful, including the native language of Morpheus and Trade Common. Not savage bearcat. Oops! So they tried to communicate by drawing pictures in the snow instead, but they really sucked at making them recognizable. They confused the guards enough that the shaman came out, and drew a picture of his own -- the three of them, lying in the snow.

Kyngeah tried to do some tarot readings, but the results seemed random and incomprehensible. "This whole problem is caused by... love? I think he's jamming me."

So Cane drew a response where everyone present was sitting down to talk, and the shaman rolled his eyes and created chairs out of the snow for them to sit in. Then ripped their souls out of their bodies once they were in the chairs.

No, it wasn't an attack -- it was how he intended to communicate. On the astral plane, you didn't need language, apparently.

They warned him about the ghost, and he was confident he'd be able to protect his people at home (the party was pretty confident about that too). Two of them *had* gone missing on a hunting expedition, though. He told them how to contact the Lords of the moon ('go to any mountain top, at least one lives on each mountain') and said that if they survived the battle against the ghost, he'd try to repair their souls, which were damaged -- especially Cane's. But it'd take a long time, so fighting the ghost was more important.

So they went back to the wreck to report on their findings, and found all the survivors (no one else had been murdered, yay!) playing Truth or Dare using the candle. In addition to showing ghosts, it showed the auras of living people, and a person's aura could be used to tell their mood and whether or not they were lying (among other things). So they'd all been practicing fooling lie detection.

Climbing a mountain in the snow would be hard, although Cane thought he saw a route that would work. But wait! They had four flying potions, and could make more from Nico's blood -- Kyngeah was willing to cure the disease in the blood, since that would just kill the blood if she screwed up, not a big deal. They made a huge batch of 'flying potions', and a swarm of drakivolki and Nico-Clones flew up to the top of the mountain to talk to the plants.

Plant: "Oh my! I've never had eight people come to ask to be shamans at the same time."
Cane: "That's not why we're here. There's an evil ghost."
Kyngeah: "Can you help us fight her?"
Plant: "No... you aren't powerful enough to face her."
Cane: "If we agreed to be shamans, would that help?"
Plant: "Not in time."
Cane: "Can you arrange for her to be faced by someone who is powerful enough?"
Plant: "Yes."
Cane: "...will you?"
Plant: "It'd be much easier to just wait her out. Once all of you are dead, she'd starve."

But eventually the plant agreed to take care of the ghost for them, in return for them all being in the plants' debt -- since the alternative was probably being murdered and having their soul eaten, they agreed. One of the bunnies (I think) also agreed to become a shaman, since that seemed like an interesting career path.

The plants took care of the ghost by arranging for her and Teatime to be resurrected as children who were destined to meet -- the reason she'd become an evil ghost instead of reincarnating was to be close to Teatime. Because she was in love with him. The ghost presumably agreed to this, and was out of their hair for at least a few years, being a baby.

This left them with Teatime's empty body, still alive and perfectly unharmed (since he was resurrected too). Kyngeah was able to take the soul of the person who'd died from her ministrations and put them into Teatime's body. It worked! He wasn't even undead! He thought he was Teatime, though, since he had his memories. At least he didn't have any of Teatime's powers.

...and three days later, the people who'd been sick got better. But they were all still trapped on the moon, until someone came to rescue them, if that ever happened.

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