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From Penny Arcade:

He made the mistake of asking for a store name when we were not in the correct mental gear, which is to say I was in Aion, doing battle with a tribe of chipmunks so I could coax a ferret into upgrading my cube. I haven't modified these events for humorous literary effect - that's exactly what I was doing - but anyway, I didn't feel like meshing with Robert's exercise. I was focused on an ongoing campaign of aggression toward rodents.

Okay, I want to play Aion now. When's it coming out? >:)

Last night I was playing Perfect World with Rowyn, and at the end we decided that we didn't have the energy for more quests that consist of insane reasons to kill 10 rats ('These guys ate my pig! Kill them!' 'Oh sorry it turns out it was really these other guys. Kill them too.') so instead we'd make our own quest to kill THOUSANDS of rats.

That is, we're playing venomancers, and need 20 hay to get a third pet slot. Despite the 'lost city' area being full of fields of brown grass, the only way to get hay is to go swimming and murder level 8 turtles. We did that a little earlier in the week, and an hour or two got 6 hay between us. Now we're high enough level (16) to one-shot the turtles, and... it really doesn't speed anything up, the slow part was already waiting for them to spawn and swimming around to pick up loot.

So, turtle slaying was boring. "Hey, you know, the level 20-23 rhinodrakes are supposed to also drop hay. I bet we could take them if we worked together." Of course, we didn't know where to find them, but I remembered hearing that at level 20 everyone got sent to Archesaur. To Archesaur!

...it was a long run.

At the end I found some level 23 Rhinodrakes, and by badly mis-reading the scale on the minimap, thought that Rowyn was close enough to help when I attacked one. She wasn't. I managed to just barely beat it, losing my pet and getting down to a sliver of health. So I revived and resummoned my pet, healed myself up with potions, and surely NOW she was in range.

No, she wasn't. Also, reviving your pet revives them at 1 hp, which I didn't notice. Also, even weak-ass pets like the snake I was using are a lot tougher than the venomancer herself. I think Rowyn got there just in time to see me die. x.x

So I wake up in Archesaur, which is annoying becuase (a) it's completely full of catshops for as far as the eye can see and then some, and (b) it's farther away than the last village we were just in, and doesn't let you teleport to the lost city-subvillages, only to the capital itself. So expensive! I'll just run back. On the way, I find some easier Rhinodrakes. "I'll die too and join you!" "No wait -- the city's huge and I was wandering around forever before I found the teleporter. You're closer if you just walk..."

Well, it was time to go to bed anyway. >:P
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