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Perfect World - had a most non-non-non-triumphant night last night. Lots of dying. x.x HATE AGGRO. This morning, I decided to run down to the City of the Plume and get myself a sawfly. This won't help with the not dying, since they start at level 8, but they don't continuously hiss which might help with the continuous hissing driving me insane.

CoH - slightly more fun! The dominator changes were great for my plant/energy dom. The MA changes aren't as good as I was expecting, though -- BOO! That is, there are some niggly technical difficulties that keep me from actually using the improvements to the full extent I was hoping.

(1) You can't use customized standard critters in the details (Boss, Ally, Contact) that require you to pick a specific one of your custom group. Since customized standard critters use a non-trivial amount of file space (although less than a full custom critter), you don't want to duplicate them if you can help it.

(2) Also, sometimes you *can't* duplicate them because you can only use a standard 'boss' as a 'boss' detail. I was using custom minions and lieutenants (which you can still do with full custom critters) to have 'an ordinary spawn where one of the people in it randomly talks to you'.

(3) So, lets say you make a hybrid group, with one custom lieutenant and one customized standard minion. The CSM isn't going to spawn over the whole level range, but new code is supposed to make out-of-range critters spawn down. Which it does! But first it looks to see if there's any critters in the group that are in range, and there are -- the lieutenant. So at 38-50 (in this example, where I used a vicious rikti monkey as the 'minion') you get a normal mix, but at 1-37 you get all lieutenants.

There's space in the custom critter screen that *looks* like there's some way to set the level range a custom critter shows up at -- if the lts could be set to only be 38-50 also, then everything would spawn down fine, and the problem would be solved. I couldn't find any UI to actually set them, though.

I can sort of fake around the problem by making *every* spawn into a boss using the custom lieutenant, and then have the enemy group itself be only the underlings, but that's inconvenient, needs me to somehow have a unique name for each not-really-a-boss, and is not going to scale up well to more than one player.

D+D, 4e. I think I'm getting to the point where I want to start house-ruling stuff.

(1) Everyone has infinite healing surges. The limit isn't stupid on the face of it, but in practice it makes the party suddenly stop fighting for no in-game reason, because they know they're fucked if they try to continue. The *real* limit on healing in a specific fight is how many times you can trigger your surges, which won't change, so this shouldn't affect balance at all -- it'll just give parties more staying power so that they can rest when it makes sense to.

Alternatively, everyone gets back 1 healing surge after each encounter -- so you can use all of yours up and be at 'low resources', but you can't be totally out of resources making it suicidal to fight.

(2) Dailies recharge. Maybe, every encounter that you don't get an action point, you pick one of your dailies to recharge. So you still can't spend them wastefully every encounter, but they're not once-in-a-blue-moon things like they are now.

These tend to encourage people to go find easy fights to 'recharge' with. I'm more okay with that than with everyone adventuring for ten minutes and then hiding in a closet for 23.8 hours, which is what *still* happens in 4e.
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